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Ahsoka progress

Thank goodness! I took the day to redo the montral and front lekku for a nice clean line. It’s worked which is nice 🙂 I was thinking about taking a break from the costume because of them but I think it’s going to work out.

But yay. It’s also inspiring me to work on other scifi type gear 🙂

Including Maleficent 🙂 I’ll need to work with her under better lighting to get a good scan- the ends keep being missed in the IR camera. I may be able to heat up some paler clay to see if that helps.Ditto putting lines on. I’ll see how I go today and tomorrow. But latexing is my main task for the next few days. I say days as the weather is not yet warm enough to cure quickly so I have to cure smart. So no putting the stand outside where it can blow over (had that) and where I can’t prod at it make the support collapse (done that!).

Hmm I may need to quickly put some extra support underneath. Fingers crossed.

Yes. I also need to get some pigment into a container to mix into her colour too. BTW her pantone swatches do not match the final result, so it’s going to be interesting!

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Mon Mothma seams

Mothma leapt to the top of the sewing queue due to realising just how complex her robes are. in terms of construction 🙂

Thanks to several sources but mainly Kay Dee:

These photos clearly show the position and shape of the seams. Of note is the shallow princess seam (it is not very curvy) and the seam of the outer sleeve as well as the seam that starts on the arm and turns into a raglan shape. It is to be inferred that it needs to end somewhat near the neck based on how stable the shoulder region is.


The hemming needs to happen asap, the weight of the excess fabric is one issue but the main reason is that the fabric clings to carpet!

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ahsoka tano progress

Yesterday I mixed and cast latex for my Montral. I need to gather a few more supplies, for supporting and maintaining the shapes nce out of the molds. i also cleaned some leather to back the armour pieces. I also made some card templates of the pieces that were curved too much to match in the chrome tanned leather.

Today I got some of the chrome tanned leather cut to match those templates and also took a pattern of my greaves.

I transferred the card template to the leather using tailors chalk. I extended the lines as a guide for findint eh perfect point. I leave a seam allowance on all edges so I can decide which is the better option once set up for curing.

I folded the leather so I could get perfectly matching left and right sides, and it ensured I got a left and right copy for each side!

I used the flattest piece for the only really flat piece in the armour. It is currently weighted to remain as flat as possible.


The greaves were the most complex  to transfer, so I have taken a pattern from the pieces. I first cut along the known joins, then folded the widest pieces in half to fine room for an additional curve to be cut.

I had to label each panel as the pieces are not symmetric, reflecting the curves of a human leg. These line drawings will be scanned and tidied with paths in photoshop tomorrow. Right now thee lines are overly accurate.

Even the knee cap is curved.

The cap and upper decoration are also asymmetric so have to be labeled in a way to remember which side is which.

All these paneled pieces are for the linings, there will be contact adhesive between the outer and inner layers as well as a very open gauze for stability against stretching.

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by admin, December 23, 2014


If you are not sure that is crepe jersey in pale blue. I only have 7.3m but it is 150cm wide so should be doable :)

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My Merc. So pretty

I stumped up for a cosmetic change. The crimson hair colour and the Leia style. It does mosly hang under the jetpack but when zooming around on her speeder it drapes over 🙂

I really want to make this set 🙂

swtor 2014-01-26 23-06-25-23 swtor 2014-01-26 23-06-27-25 swtor 2014-01-26 23-49-16-79 swtor 2014-01-26 23-49-47-73 swtor 2014-01-26 23-05-56-58

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Ummm.. just wow. I had no idea I was heading up to SGH for a photoshoot that Thomas so kindly wrangled for me. I had a “dur” moment when I realised though… ehem. There is a latex bald cap glued over my ears as well as the lekku as well as the ear buds so I missed most of what anyone said unless they were speaking directly at an ear bud so I blame the costume. Yeah. These silly costumes, to quote from another franchaise.

This one photo makes up for oh so much trouble getting to and from D*C as well as some stinky health issues that plagued both Celebration and D*C.

Thank you SGH, Kristy and Thomas.

SGh for the art and letting me be truly Sith, Kristy for so patiently painting my back and working with products you had never tried before and to Thomas for organising a last minute photoshoot with SGH and for being my eyes and ears and at times sensible adult.

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Today I get to glue and hammer snaps into my armour and strapping. Kind of terrified. I may also get sanding and painting the very last of my props.

Above is my costume laid out, minus pressure hose, bodysuit, boots, gloves, balaclava. The light up parts are actually reflective tape as I am unwilling to travel with eletronics other than obviously camera.phone/computer related.

There may be a photo or two to update between now and flying out but probably not.

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