IMG_4538 by bazooked1 on Flickr.

This costume was in storage a year after it was made. Yay fire and dry cleaners who threw the corset in a big hot water machine….. Very lucky I got to clean the tails myself…

New hat and gloves and those shoes are by Kumfs (now Zierra) because I knew my feet would be dead. And I was right. I lost a toenail and had about a dozen blisters.

Today I get to glue and hammer snaps into my armour and strapping. Kind of terrified. I may also get sanding and painting the very last of my props.

Above is my costume laid out, minus pressure hose, bodysuit, boots, gloves, balaclava. The light up parts are actually reflective tape as I am unwilling to travel with eletronics other than obviously related.

There may be a photo or two to update between now and flying out but probably not.



Shaak Ti!

That’s me 😉  you beat me to tumblr! 

Wow, that kinda blew up in a matter of a few hours 😉

So yeah, no photoshopping of the paint here, you can see where it came off under my arm and the uneveness of the legs. but for a transluscent PAX not bad…

I had to do this paint work after a flight from Auckland to Australia, where we had a two hour wait for luggage/security (four international planes landed at once), then a two hour cab ride to the hotel we were told we were staying at, and weren’t. So we had a fun time wrangling a room and sorting out luggage for the next day.

PAX doesn’t dry fast so I had to paint in patches then join them up after. I think it was three hours that night then an hour the next morning for the base red and then another two or three applying th bald cap and doing the white stuff. The headpiece can pop right off if I plan the akul tooth headpiece properly.

The only paint not applied by me was a second layer in  between my shoulderblades. Yes. I am very bendy and I did manage to paint that area just not as well as the rest.

I have Latona’s Inks for my legs and underarms now, Reel Creations for the rest and some NZ made airbrush ink for the face.

And yes. I may well be stuffing this all into my luggage for Celebraton 6 and Dragon*Con if I can wrangle my Shae Vizla armour and Slave Leia bikini into and around them. My new headpiece is very strong and will stand up to being folded up in luggage for a day. But it will be a very last minute pack to make sure there is no permanent damage.

So basically not this costume at all as I have replaced pretty much everything… But that original headpiece might be at D*C





I learned so many things testing out my asari headpiece today.

  1. I really should have put on makeup for these photos. (My skin is reacting to the spirit gum/”woah eff what is this” reaction)
  2. Asari can’t wear glasses. I literally can’t put them on my head properly, it’s awesome.
  3. Asari look cool with ‘cigs’ (aka lolipop sticks)
  4. It takes me an hour to put it on the first time (wrong) and 20 minutes the second time (properly).
  5. I can’t hear a damn thing, haha. It’s like living in a fish/cloth-laundry-basket combo.
  6. It is actually really comfortable. Like a soft latex tight blanket thing. 
  7. I can totally wear it for a long time.
  8. I reaaaally need to paint some colour on this thing.
  9. I reaaaally need to get some body paint.
  10. I reaaaally need to get some contacts.
  11. I have really thick eyebrows.
  12. I’m gonna look so cute. c:
  14. I have to turn myself sideways in order to drink and sit on a chair at the same time.
  15. Hurts like hell trying to take it off.
  16. Face and ears are fine with spirit gum. 
  17. Neck is not.

Oh my gosh, how’d you get this? I need one like, really badly.

I ordered it from Satine on

There is actually a whole Mass Effect subforum there with a lot of tutorials to make them too. c:

i love seeing mdb’s headpieces turn up! nz AND mass effect rep! u///u

Aiee! yep 🙂 Them be from my molds 🙂 I was 8this* close to not beng able to bring my own Liara to D*C but I decided to sacrifice my Dress of Bling (it takes more than half my luggage space….) to be able to bring her as well as Shae and a few saller costumes 🙂 I said I’d finish Mystique too 🙂

So yes. I would recommend PA. it is a biatch to remove but it holds well is not stingy going on and should hold up to even marching in the D* parade. We should have an Asari group march…..

Anyway. PA with a *lot* of isopropyl myristate. Also do not use Latona’s on the face… but Reel Creations and most other AA paint is okay.

Sigh, I need to get the WellyGeddon notes properly written up!

I’ve been distracted from Asari casting and writing by fraking the eff out over my trip to Celebration and D*C as it is so very far and I have so many plane trips that may or may not have extra charges at the airport.

Come to NZ. We have cheap flights, very few hidden taxes and a moderate climate. Also elves and hobbits 😉

Have I mentioned how much I am freaking out???????? Luckily my RA seems, seems to be responding to all the chemicals beng thrown at it and I may actually be passably functional…

FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and finally, shave your forhead and back of your neck. I will be applying electrical hair pulling equipment before I go so I don’t grow prickles 😉 No hair where you glue means you don’t use as much glue to hold the back of the neck in place (less is wasted being gummed up around the hairs) and it is much easier to remove the piece as sweat will help separate the glue from the neck. And you will sweat. It’s why I use a bald cap regardless, it helps hold at least some of the sweat back a little longer than it would otherwise.

Also Airbrushes and non-pigmented Acrylic Ink are your best friend for shading.



Fan Girl Friday arrives thanks too Glittersweet and her amazing Shae Vizla Costume, featuring almost 100% original parts, hand crafted expertly by herself, excellent work!

check out more of glittersweet’s work on her personal website and her Deviantart

Oh hey, that’s me 🙂 And I have to say the butt shot was a total joke between myself and the photographer- I don’t really do gratuitous shots but I am an incorrigible butt dancer and had been doing one and well… it was a convention and I was hopped on sugar.

Many thanks to Catherine Scholtz (photos 1 and 3), Ange (butt shot) and Sylvie (photos 2 and 5) for the artistry behind the lense 🙂

Most is scratch built (direct modeled in fibreglass or sculpted molded and cast) some is from found parts destroyed and reassembled. The only pieces not made in this way were the wig (custom dyed) and boots (it depends on how well I can walk as to what footwear I use 🙂 ). Yeah, forgot to mention I’ve got a degenerative disease that affects my joints and soft tissue (and on ocasion internal organs) so it’s just that little bit hard to actually make stuff. But it’s my bliss, my addiction of choice 🙂

Currently upgrading the costume to be crisper in detail. And light up 🙂 Slowly saving for Celebration 6 and Dragon Con incidentals as well as the last of the resin and paints and electronics so I can take this costume with me 🙂

Oh and to see the process behind this costume I have a thread on SWNZ and other places (tdh, therpf, mando mercs) but I’m a proud kiwi so go look there 😉

“Me” and The Clone Emperor/Thomas J Spanos.(Two Gingas in red and black, how funny is that ;)* )

When I got my Mara costume to the point of finishing and even before I sent off my application to join the 501st Thomas sent me a patch of the Flagship Eclipse detatchment. It meant so very much and I still have the letter that came with it.

And he has been extremely supportive of my efforts with Shae Vizla 🙂 There are a handful of people who keep encouraging me to finish that work, and it is tremendously appreciated.

*Red hair is cool. This is why The Doctor wants to regenerate as a Ginga. Remember that.

“Me” and FANGS/Angela We know each other through several costuming fandoms and groups and have a mutual admiration society thing happening 😀 What i really want is a photo of her in Zam and me in Shae. Please will the fates to allow us to meet!

Again, link goes to Matt and Kristy’s flickr account of D*C goodness 🙂

“Me” And starfirephoenix/Alison 🙂 We have met in person more than once but this is super fun 🙂

Thanks to Matt and Kristy, see click through link for their photos from D*C