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My Merc. So pretty

I stumped up for a cosmetic change. The crimson hair colour and the Leia style. It does mosly hang under the jetpack but when zooming around on her speeder it drapes over ๐Ÿ™‚

I really want to make this set ๐Ÿ™‚

swtor 2014-01-26 23-06-25-23 swtor 2014-01-26 23-06-27-25 swtor 2014-01-26 23-49-16-79 swtor 2014-01-26 23-49-47-73 swtor 2014-01-26 23-05-56-58

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@swtor pink and purple!!!

It’s femshep all over again…

pinkpurpleback pinkpurplefront purplepinkfront purplepinkbaqck

Pink and purple and purple and pink. Not sure which I prefer but yahoo! This is mostly the Hydra set with the dye kits, my Electrum Onslaught set has different paint scheme so the dyes work differently.

I suspect I’ll put the pink-purple in the chest and the purple-pink in the boots and then see if I can colour match the helmet and thighs to the chest.


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Many thanks to Matt and Kristy for their help and hosting and taking many awesome images (I think all but one linked here) ๐Ÿ™‚

And so then in character I got to Shoot All The Things! Bounty Hunters, can’t take them anywhere:

For Balmorra and Belsavis! That is the famous Roxy. So glorious.

And met amazing people:

And stormed the Rebels:

Took over the Imperials:

Took a taxi, er, speeder to Endor:

And eventually was caught and repackaged:

More people shared on Facebook but it is being a pain to deal with but I have been able to get a few shared to my page:


though they are intersperced with a few rants about the flights back and other projects ๐Ÿ™‚

I still need to harvest in progress photos from a few cameras so will try and do a progress update.

I have just bought more material to redo the chest and back plates, saving up for replacement bodysuit too ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, it’s pretty fun in Shae’s shoes. So much fun. Except in the Marriott elevators.

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Today I get to glue and hammer snaps into my armour and strapping. Kind of terrified. I may also get sanding and painting the very last of my props.

Above is my costume laid out, minus pressure hose, bodysuit, boots, gloves, balaclava. The light up parts are actually reflective tape as I am unwilling to travel with eletronics other than obviously camera.phone/computer related.

There may be a photo or two to update between now and flying out but probably not.

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