Today I get to glue and hammer snaps into my armour and strapping. Kind of terrified. I may also get sanding and painting the very last of my props.

Above is my costume laid out, minus pressure hose, bodysuit, boots, gloves, balaclava. The light up parts are actually reflective tape as I am unwilling to travel with eletronics other than obviously related.

There may be a photo or two to update between now and flying out but probably not.




Cosplay Masterclass by Matt & Kristy on Flickr.

This will go on the official tumblr but man this photo makes me proud. I had a ner meltdown just before because I was wavering between wanting a day off and not wanting to pike on cosplayers who had given up time already.
It was nervewracking for us all, and on a quiet day it was probably even harder. However kathy, Alex and Jon all rocked and I loved how we were all able to offer so many ways of doing things.

 Thank you so much for inviting me- I had a ball!… also I love the dichotomy of dressing as RARITY to talk about making 40k Weapons. I am always so inspired when I hear about others processes!

I loved your speaking, Kathy! You were really funny and engaging, and was a pleasure to listen to you speak! Alex as well – she didn’t look nearly as nervous as she felt, and the whole thing was something I would definitely attend in the future!

Also, lol at delivering a Wonderflex plug from the audience. :9 I would love to be a part of this next year – is it too early to start planning a presentation? 😀

Never too early! okay maybe tonight is…

IMGP8026 by deense on Flickr.

Mainly testing the room for lighting. In the end we got the cosplay judging photos taken by a black wall. I need to process them.