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IG update- Padme

I don’t want to have to keep changing my sharing settings so rather than add posts here are all my IG updates in one place 🙂


Draping work.

Each pleat/gather has been counted and carefully stitched to stay in place. Even the direction of the knit was carefully full aligned (the hood especially needs this as the front is stitched down to hold a specific curve in the neckline and the front of the hood.

The bodice piecing is to match the original. If you look for those seam lines you’ll find them, but what you may not see is that the hood has to be cropped on one side of the neckline.


The hood is self lined and so once gathered creates so much bulk that overlapping all that fabric would create a a very large bulge. It is possible the overlapping hood piece is also spliced a little to thin it out. I’ve managed though to not nee to do that 🙂

The stamping! This was so scary I nearly didn’t make the dress. There are over 80 stamp impressions on the back and a good several dozen on the edge.

I knew eva foam holds a good amount of paint and creates nice clean lines so after testing a hand cut stamp I tweaked my line art and created a new slimmer stamp to account for paint spread.

Then used my cutting machine. Hint- if using an online SVG converter select to only cut the inner or outerline in your machine 🙂

So stamping actually required inking each stamp with a little sponge to the same thickness. I knew from the original these were stamps as you can see classic tells such as some stamps being pressed more or less evenly than others.

yes, there are two stamps and I laid out my paper copies to match the irregular not totally planned originals!

This is how I lined said paper stand ins. Also note how the colour changes depending on how the camera is used and how the sun is positioned in the sky.

This was seriously nervewracking! But I was methodical. I did stamp one first then stamp two.

I found my previous version in my archive so she now has a page 🙂

The hood and cloak are just pinned in place. But the cloak sleeve seams have been reshaped and the sides of the body sewn up. Now it’s a case of last round of stitching!

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padme cutting

Finally got the last pieces of the bodice cut 🙂

This was exciting because yes it’s two layers even for these pieces- it looks really weird as a single layer.

But I knew there was some clever use of stretch and basically was able to show it 🙂

This is a piece from the left side.  The curve at the upper left is for the armscye, the gathers are directional to the bust point.

This is the actual shape.

This is what I love about garments like these, they require drafting and draping skills and to not just see fabric as something that is linear 🙂


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found them

Supplements from Der Bazar! I have a stack to go through and make a good proper post about, possibly a plage. I have terrible tagging habits so a page may be best.

Also I’m going to switch up blog settings to share “medium” sized thumbnails as the thumbnails seem to be smaller. I love this theme but it is now possible to put images inline now as well.


So the current list of things wot to make is ridic.

Mon Mothma -my current one has shrunk so if anyone 5’3″ and shorter is interested… I’d really like to have a slip on costume as I’ve got so many complicated layered costumes as it is.

Yes. That’s Genevieve. I was so looking forward to seeing her in Revenge of the Sith 🙂 So perfect casting in Rogue One is more perfect and established than many realise 😉

Leia Senatorial

(My apologies to the gif maker, but LOOK AT HOW BIG HER BUNS ARE!!!! Higher than her hairline and over the top of her collar. Onto her cheeks and extends past the back of her head.

I wore her to the Rogue One premier, it’s actually really pretty but the belt is real leather and has stretched so it sits on my hips which is wrong and incidentally makes it look like my waist is huge. I need to make the boots, in fact they are the sole (get it??) reason for wanting to finish. But I’m also happy passing her once I have Mothma! But the wig I made uses two price lacefronts

Senya Tirall.

Oh my goodness. In SWTOR my relationship with her has been tough but I’m so glad I made the decisions I did.  Just realised I have stretch twill in off white and grey that is perfect. I knew I had enough plastic but woo! fabric!

Please do watch, the expansion does pack a wallop too. There were only a few moments I felt locked players into having to do something- and they were intended to add variety- for my hands they were only doable after my infusion which had a lovely pre-med prednisone infusion and other help.

Just got some email in game from characters, they are pretty expressive too.

SPOILERS! But you can watch the opening cinematic and crawl to at least understand why I love playing so much! BTW I tend to play Empire but light side. I’m such a Granny Weatherwax! And I usually play from level 1.

Ahsoka Tano, Rebels era

Speaking of feels… Ahsoka grew up with the audience who followed her in TCW. Her leaving TCW was incredible. The story group respected her so much that her story was not predictable. Her last TCW story was familiar in real life. Who hasn’t had to deal with the accusation of “where there’s smoke….” So I may have related a little too well!

Anyway. I’m not 14 so grown up Ahsoka is a little more me! So far all the leather has been tooled and shaped. The sabers are being worked in Sketchup.

My montral are curing right now, I’m trying to do them in two parts to really control the latex thickness. More latex is on the courier truck right now. As of typing.


Right, it’s time to make, so my post is really about my current SW costumes. I also have a Padme Light Blue to remake. Need threads…

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by admin, December 23, 2014


If you are not sure that is crepe jersey in pale blue. I only have 7.3m but it is 150cm wide so should be doable :)

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