@masseffect Nyreen test cast. The jaw still needs to be freed but yay! The thickness of the latex over the nose and brow ridge mean she holds hape even over my pointy nose! You can see how far her lower face sticks out though.

I’ll be resculpting the mandibles as they are a tad too wide (by barely 3mm) on the under side and the pointy ends are about 5mm too long. Looks fine with a cut edge but it looks better with a molded edge.

So, very hapy with how she is going:)

Sorry the mirror has paint on it and my workroom is cluttered. Play spot the past project in the background though 😉 Asari head butts lined up….


Nyreen in pieces. Click the tag and you’ll see how she started as one piece and is now multiple. Ultracal should arrive tomorrow or the day after so we be molding! Tidying and making retaining walls as well 🙂

Oh yes, spoke to Garrus, kept clicking to hear “calibrations” and giggling inanely. So there are a few cuts to be made to the jaw area as well.


First look at female turian in ME3 Omega DLC: A couple of screenshots have popped up online today for the multiplatform title, “Mass Effect 3.” The latest images provide a first look at a Female Turian that appears in the upcoming Omega DLC for the role-playing…

Ehem. It should come as no surprise that I now have a new project. This shall be a challenge as I still do not have a head cast and I am extremely claustrophobic. Which makes getting a head cast and wearing full facial prosthetics a challenge.

While fighting severe fatigue and a fair bit of burn out, I am about to go elt some clay to start the base texture. This is going to work best as multiple pieces, again.

IMG_4538 by bazooked1 on Flickr.

This costume was in storage a year after it was made. Yay fire and dry cleaners who threw the corset in a big hot water machine….. Very lucky I got to clean the tails myself…

New hat and gloves and those shoes are by Kumfs (now Zierra) because I knew my feet would be dead. And I was right. I lost a toenail and had about a dozen blisters.

Today I get to glue and hammer snaps into my armour and strapping. Kind of terrified. I may also get sanding and painting the very last of my props.

Above is my costume laid out, minus pressure hose, bodysuit, boots, gloves, balaclava. The light up parts are actually reflective tape as I am unwilling to travel with eletronics other than obviously camera.phone/computer related.

There may be a photo or two to update between now and flying out but probably not.

  1. Jennifer Barclay as Tali
  2. Lindze Merritt as Miranda
  3. Rana as Samra
  4. Jia as Jack
  5. Crystal Graziano as Commander Shepard
  6. gilttersweet as Liara
  7. Unknown as Thane (if anybody knows inform me and I will credit)
  8. Unkown as Wrex
  9. My Wicked Armor as Garrus

Tumblr ate my reply.. wtf? So to try again..

Thanks for including me in this amazing collection 🙂 (Liara- I know I have too many online user names, I am trying to change some of them). And thanks to Sylvie for her photo because there is no way I’d be in that collection without her 🙂

I think Thane is http://www.cosplay.com/member/32469/

Wrex is made by CrabCat I think (there are a few sculpts but I think this is the one: http://crabcat.tumblr.com/post/9871898302/wrex not sure who is in it though.


Cleves Blue 1 by ~glittersweet

I’m surprised this got even one note 😉 Seriously, I’m flattered as this is a style that doesn’t really fit in with the modern aesthetic 🙂 It’s accurate, right down to pinned on sleeves (okay that is my conjecture based on woodcuts of the time as well as written documents of the time) and silly cloak hanging from the head.

The cloak is a heuke and it is about 2kg, maybe three (more than five pounds) and is carefully held in place using mainly a little engineering trickery:

Hair is plaited and pinned (bobby pins) around the crown.

A fitted cap (guldhaube) is pinned (sewing pins) to the hair in front and behind the plaits with florists pins.

A shaped cap (sticklechen) is pinned over the cap and pinned also just in front of the plaits. There is a velvet lappet pinned around the front on the underside which adds tension to hold it balanced at the back of the head.

Then the heuke collar is pinned to the fitted cap (guldhaube) and the fabric hangs over the back.

My original stickelchen had pearls and goldtone bezants all over it but the sequins were ruined by a house fire and I have never managed to redo the base frame to fit. The base is buckram and felt steamed to shape.


Shae Vizla watching by ~glittersweet

Apparently I started watching this tumblr without spotting this 😉 Again any thanks to Catherine for the photo 🙂 Once again I bullied a photographer to lie on the ground for dramatic effect 😉 I did this with my Catwoman costume to Ana a few years ago 🙂

Just vanity googling, move along. Just cheking to see if my site is still relevant and debating trying to get wordpress installed again.



Fan Girl Friday arrives thanks too Glittersweet and her amazing Shae Vizla Costume, featuring almost 100% original parts, hand crafted expertly by herself, excellent work!

check out more of glittersweet’s work on her personal website and her Deviantart

Oh hey, that’s me 🙂 And I have to say the butt shot was a total joke between myself and the photographer- I don’t really do gratuitous shots but I am an incorrigible butt dancer and had been doing one and well… it was a convention and I was hopped on sugar.

Many thanks to Catherine Scholtz (photos 1 and 3), Ange (butt shot) and Sylvie (photos 2 and 5) for the artistry behind the lense 🙂

Most is scratch built (direct modeled in fibreglass or sculpted molded and cast) some is from found parts destroyed and reassembled. The only pieces not made in this way were the wig (custom dyed) and boots (it depends on how well I can walk as to what footwear I use 🙂 ). Yeah, forgot to mention I’ve got a degenerative disease that affects my joints and soft tissue (and on ocasion internal organs) so it’s just that little bit hard to actually make stuff. But it’s my bliss, my addiction of choice 🙂

Currently upgrading the costume to be crisper in detail. And light up 🙂 Slowly saving for Celebration 6 and Dragon Con incidentals as well as the last of the resin and paints and electronics so I can take this costume with me 🙂

Oh and to see the process behind this costume I have a thread on SWNZ and other places (tdh, therpf, mando mercs) but I’m a proud kiwi so go look there 😉


#swtor #level50

I have also got my Shae Vizla jetpack almost back together again and the arm displays and “buckles” removed for sanding and detailing. So progress on getting her to Celebration 6 complete is in hand 🙂 But step by step so I can still wear her if occasion calls in the meantime 🙂

And I really love my in game armour. I want to make this set so badly.

#swtor bounty hunter gear can be hit and miss in terms of style. I adore the very early sets and the level 40 PVP gear and a lot of social gear. But this set? I *looooooooooooooove* it. 

Dude it is essentially Barbie Fett. But it also reminds me of Zam and Shae at once. I am not even kidding that I want to make this. You can’t really see but there are aurabesh markings on the helm (over the right eye) and on the thigh (right thigh) so I have been screencapping so I can recreate this. And the light under armour? Looove!!!

Please remind me that I already have Shae and a huge historical costume to try and pack in August? That essentially two sets of identical armour (well in theory, there are obvious differences between game and cinematics) would be silly?

Gah, it’s so damn pretty!!!!!!

That belt and those lower legs were crafted by “me” too XD