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cleves leaves progress

I don’t know how I got this energy- well I do and it has everything to do with my therapy and being able to actually do stuff and then build up on that to do more stuff πŸ™‚ Had a day of sleep at one stage though πŸ™‚

So the frame is apparently the perfect cat shape as he makes a bee line for it no matter where I set up!

These leaves are the same as my Krantz, and in order to make sure they sew in place I had to hammer out holes from the pointy end. (I have found there are indeed flitter haube from further west, it makes sense with the influence from Nurnberg but it’s not close enough to Kleve!)

It’s very bright. Like blinding in bright light!

And how it looks as of just shy of the end of my birthday πŸ™‚ So yay! That is a very good birthday present to have πŸ™‚

(Subtle laurel is not at all subtle, though might have to get less subtle in the back.

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Progress from 2006:

Progress 2016 after stripping all the fire damaged bezants and sequins:

New pearls on the upper right, the same pattern was repeated on the upper left and a matching overlapping design added to the lower part.

Yes, it looks very wobbly. This is part of how the fabric was eased over the original support. I’ll be clipping the cotton tulleΒ to let it ease as well.

Stash of pearls used for the update. There are a good number left to be able to use over the seam once assembled.

I am about to add the leaves again, these are different, they are what I used on my Krantz for my laurelling, so these are very apt πŸ™‚

Again the pearls look wibbly, I don’t want to stretch the stitches once I put this back on the support so am having to live with it until then. Once on the support these will have heavier thread passed through to support the curves.

So happy to get this progress. I am doing eat therapy on my hands every couple of hours, 10mins at a time.

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Fresh start!

I was not sure that I would actually restart my blog, however with fixing my phone so it can take photos, and all that has happened in the last month I think it is now time πŸ™‚

I will stick to health and costume updates alone.


This shows the newly secured vinyl floor in place (just boot weight until I can get hold of firmer) and the old floor (that is all resin splash over or paint on the floor! Not worth getting it cleaned but it may be worth replacing the flooring anyway as the fibres are brittle.

Back left corner is now tidier!


Maleficent is back on my to finish this season pile πŸ™‚ I got excited about finally finding products I want to make the wings and then I realised I need to bring this project back from the UFO pile πŸ™‚

Made all of that from 8.5m of fabric! In two pieces at that!


Both of these are remake projects- the red gown with black borders a remake of my CLeves gown πŸ™‚ I have the wool and linen dresses in good condition so really wanted the fancy dress to match πŸ™‚


The construction and shaping are both so very different that I am enjoying the challenge of going from one to the other, and is even inspiring me to work on a project I hadΒ also left alone for many years πŸ™‚


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