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throwback thursday-barbieshep

In anticipation of @bioware @masseffect andromeda, #femshep #commandershepard

Photos by @littlenoisephotography

Costume, props, styling: michaela de bruce



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My Boo with Mr Boo, he put up with so much <3 my sweet boy. #masseffect #spacehamster

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masseffect andromeda turians

Yes I am a bit obsessed, but well my molds took forever and I still have them 😉

So my custom turian from 2013, Neimhaille (someone grabbed my name on BSN which is.. unfortunate given I made it up in 99 😉 ) vs a background turian in ANdromeda XD

img_4275m andromedaturian1 andromedaturian2

I know, I know, it’ll be an environmental lighting effect, but the pale yellow made me very happy 🙂

Also Vetra 🙂 Cannot wait to galavant across the new galaxy with her!


And for contrast, Nyreen and the unnamed turian in the ME3 DLCs

me3nyreen me3turian1

And an example of the turians in ME3 multiplayer you can earn (I will be able to play multiplayer soon!)


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“Do you ever think that maybe there’s something more out there?”

“What do you mean, evolution?”

“I don’t know, like, that there’s some greater purpose for all these animals I’m making, other than just eating and pooping and having little animals.”

“I guess I hadn’t really thought about it.” 

“I just wonder what the point is sometimes. What’s stopping me from going off the rails and making this sage grouse look completely absurd? Why don’t I just give it demon eyes and ridiculous inflatable chest balloons? Who cares? What difference does it make?”

“Aw, come on, don’t talk like that.”

“Why not? Seriously, I’m going to do it. See if anyone stops me. Bet you they won’t.”

OMG! See, female Turians can haz boobs!

I shall hide now. My own brain hurts and now i don’t know if I can finish Nyreen at all now…

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@masseffect Nyreen tunic, in pink! Love it! If the fabric was more durable this would be turned into Nyreen’s jimjams complete with pom pom slippers. Also mirrored photo is mirrored 😉

The pattern does not include a few things but this is a guide as the fabric I will be using is bulkier than the flannel and also more yielding than the interfacing. That hood… oy! I haven’t got the piping detail on there yet, I wanted the shape first. The actual fabric will drape very nicely and I’ve used it for my Shaak Ti robes and Tykhi skirt already 🙂 It also flares really nicely when bound in the silver fabric I plan on trimming this with.

Next step is to debate getting fabric custom printed or not. I may be able to find some textured lycra anyway and overdye/airbrush some shading in to it.

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Just text this time

@masseffect Nyreen hood, cowl and collar drafting took one and a half Eddie Izzard shows. That is not normal for a hood! It does crazy things and I get to decide where the seams go in the cowl because there are none. Sigh.

No it’s okay. The rest is easy. right? Cry!

But basically the hood and cowl and collar are going to be one piece regardless of what the artist intended 😉 It’ll snap to the harness though. Which will snap to the tunic. Sadly the Obi is not self supporting, that downward curve of the belt piece really does stop it being an effective cincher. So internal trickery shall be needed.

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@masseffect Nyreen progress! Again sorry for bathroom photos but this is the best lit mirror in the house at this time of day and I do not fancy setting my tripod out and all the rigmarole it takes to get my camera to focus when taking self portraits (I need to have a stand in or the camera focuses on the background…. I usually use a Christmas tree stand, vacuum tube and wig head, it can be entertaining)

Anyway so this is the first successful cast! I will be using this but I want to make as many sets as I can before the mold loses too much definition. I love the texture I got on the skull but it will eventually go bye bye. The very last set will be a semi rigid urethane which I will also use to cast my Asari pieces from and any other plaster mold looking a bit dodgy.

Also, I will be using various means to hold pieces together. The pins forced curves not present and the underside of the upper lip sticks out but will be glued flat to the inside. I will be using a lot of velcro dots. They stick very well to latex indeed and will allow for fast removal in case of heatstroke. Cough, not that that happened at the Dragon*Con parade at all… cough. ehem.

I may go try and test the hood pattern. It’s crazy with overlaps and stand up collar and all that jazz.

(ETA: I use @XYZ because I cross post to twitter on this account 😉 )

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@masseffect Nyreen test cast. The jaw still needs to be freed but yay! The thickness of the latex over the nose and brow ridge mean she holds hape even over my pointy nose! You can see how far her lower face sticks out though.

I’ll be resculpting the mandibles as they are a tad too wide (by barely 3mm) on the under side and the pointy ends are about 5mm too long. Looks fine with a cut edge but it looks better with a molded edge.

So, very hapy with how she is going:)

Sorry the mirror has paint on it and my workroom is cluttered. Play spot the past project in the background though 😉 Asari head butts lined up….

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Nyreen molds 10kg worth, or just over 20 pounds.

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So my photo of her front on didn’t actually happen, yay camera phone for randomly not working!

You can see how I built up the back of the head a bit, once molded I’ll put a thin layer over that to create the ridges as a separate piece.

Pretty happy with this. You may be able to spot some other changes to proportions. Those wings have been removed entirely and I was pleasantly surprised by how well they matched just by eye. I do test for symmetry regularly but also as an organic form some asymmetry helps keep it looking real. But you need to find that balance between being real and being lazy 😉

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