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think things are sorted…

Only photos so far are of Ahsoka sitting nicely on my head next step it to decide if I want to make that rigid section permanent and how much shaped padding to put in. But having the support in place now means that I can actyally make that shaping 🙂

A post on different SFX techniques is needed I think..

But I found an older Mina bodice lining and I think I prefer it! Not as it is but umm.. I can put hip gores in just like with a set of stays so why wouldn’t that work???

And I also got ABS juice in my Leia molds! IT WORKS!!!! So far the back hip has been mostly cast and it is so light. A bit too light, I think the surface had enough dust that it got mixed in. That said this is definitely going to let me scan them to get them digitised 🙂 Now I just need to hunt down the missing collar piece. Very frustrating to have that missing.


And yes, the prednisode is making me feel freaking AMAZING right now. But it can only be temporary because of how it works. So much misinformation, I really want to do a post full of real research that shows what we actually experience.

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long time no post!

it usually means I have been away 🙂 And I was 🙂 For Children’s Day it was a day of Elsa-ing it up for Hamilton, then Sunday helping the Rebel Legion and 501st at Frankton Thunder- a huge fundraising event for Child Cancer Foundation 🙂

Got to play Wookie hairstylist and it was fun 🙂 So today has been spent fixing my Leia wig so it can be multipurpose 🙂 both required silicon conditioning and it’s lasted very well for Leia! Today was putting some wefts back in 🙂

I started by thinning out some of the excess wefts at the top of the head- most wigs do this! It’s because it is easier to sew the wefts on the solid ground than the elasticated straps at the back. Even when wigs are sewn in the correct order. So it is a time saving/cost saving device. But it makes it almst impossible to style a wig and have the wig sit flat. I took out about 1/3 of these.

But this is what I was faced with when I started the part down the back. That diagonal weft makes a big mess of my neatly calculated volume for each side so I spent a day inpicking the left side and restitching. To those thin elastic straps.

What I also did was to thin the sides out completely over the power net sections, back that with more lace and sew a smaller number of wefts back in.

Next step is to stitch the long wefts from a second wig to toupee grips so the wig can be worn in any style. I had stitched the wefts to the sides but that would make the wig not at all alterable 😉

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found them

Supplements from Der Bazar! I have a stack to go through and make a good proper post about, possibly a plage. I have terrible tagging habits so a page may be best.

Also I’m going to switch up blog settings to share “medium” sized thumbnails as the thumbnails seem to be smaller. I love this theme but it is now possible to put images inline now as well.


So the current list of things wot to make is ridic.

Mon Mothma -my current one has shrunk so if anyone 5’3″ and shorter is interested… I’d really like to have a slip on costume as I’ve got so many complicated layered costumes as it is.

Yes. That’s Genevieve. I was so looking forward to seeing her in Revenge of the Sith 🙂 So perfect casting in Rogue One is more perfect and established than many realise 😉

Leia Senatorial

(My apologies to the gif maker, but LOOK AT HOW BIG HER BUNS ARE!!!! Higher than her hairline and over the top of her collar. Onto her cheeks and extends past the back of her head.

I wore her to the Rogue One premier, it’s actually really pretty but the belt is real leather and has stretched so it sits on my hips which is wrong and incidentally makes it look like my waist is huge. I need to make the boots, in fact they are the sole (get it??) reason for wanting to finish. But I’m also happy passing her once I have Mothma! But the wig I made uses two price lacefronts

Senya Tirall.

Oh my goodness. In SWTOR my relationship with her has been tough but I’m so glad I made the decisions I did.  Just realised I have stretch twill in off white and grey that is perfect. I knew I had enough plastic but woo! fabric!

Please do watch, the expansion does pack a wallop too. There were only a few moments I felt locked players into having to do something- and they were intended to add variety- for my hands they were only doable after my infusion which had a lovely pre-med prednisone infusion and other help.

Just got some email in game from characters, they are pretty expressive too.

SPOILERS! But you can watch the opening cinematic and crawl to at least understand why I love playing so much! BTW I tend to play Empire but light side. I’m such a Granny Weatherwax! And I usually play from level 1.

Ahsoka Tano, Rebels era

Speaking of feels… Ahsoka grew up with the audience who followed her in TCW. Her leaving TCW was incredible. The story group respected her so much that her story was not predictable. Her last TCW story was familiar in real life. Who hasn’t had to deal with the accusation of “where there’s smoke….” So I may have related a little too well!

Anyway. I’m not 14 so grown up Ahsoka is a little more me! So far all the leather has been tooled and shaped. The sabers are being worked in Sketchup.

My montral are curing right now, I’m trying to do them in two parts to really control the latex thickness. More latex is on the courier truck right now. As of typing.


Right, it’s time to make, so my post is really about my current SW costumes. I also have a Padme Light Blue to remake. Need threads…

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18th century musings

Well this has been a tough decision and I’m still not sure.

First is my 100% dino shot taffeta. It’s a really heavy weight incredibly crisp and is such a beautiful shade I can forgive the content. But I usually have a very distinct line between historic and historic inspired.

Second is my black silk. Very heavy, very heavy. Also able to be used front and back.

sm_dsc_1518 sm_dsc_1520 76c655368e1abea996bf521c24afb1a3

Seriously torn as to which to make from it. Other options for the blue is a francaise or 1870s convertable gown.

The black silk can be anything from 16thC on!

sm_dsc_1517 sm_dsc_1516

Also my beaded silk? Sigh it really does look fab as a Reinette inspired gown. But I also want to go total fantasy with it and yet it drapes so nicely over hoops.

Also coming soon, a fancier Leia wig tutorial. Also her buns are so much bigger than most costumers realise… I need to do a scale diagram.  But her buns sit on her dress collar.


They may also get bigger the more sass she expresses.


And also I am having major issues with the way the lace sits at the crown. I have already done major work on this so I may as well get the sectioning clips out to stitch that down!

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Mold repair work!

Never got these uploaded for some reason..

Leia bikini- extra silicon added, also fibreglass filler to help prevent warping. Still some repair work to go to rebuild one of the back straps that got flattened.

sm_DSC_0121   sm_DSC_0127

Leia collar, extra silicon added.


In both cases in order to remove the need for a rigid jacket.


Shae helmet support:

sm_DSC_0122 sm_DSC_0129

Still needs tidying but the silicon is now less prone to warping and now I can redo the keys and rigid support.

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So the idea of molding today went out the window…

But.. oooh look!

sm_DSC_0117 sm_DSC_0120


Finally a workroom that is organised and has clear space for photos!!!!! Which means yay tomorrow I can get squishing with silicon and supporting my other molds. In the photo the bodgy mannequin with the foam head has my reshaped and supported Leia hair slide molds 🙂 The hair tie mold? Fits perfectly inside a piece of pipe so I am just keeping it in that 🙂 I may have to trim the edges but aside from that it is really good 🙂

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All my text! Gone! WAH??? Tumblr monsters et my words?

Anyway, this is how I met several of the guests at Armageddon yesterday. But when you commit to Alcohol Activted paint you are committed for the day!

Rachi Sitra, Jedi Archeologist. I tried to make the Indy/Solo connection but failed. I have a very Teutonic sense of humour. It needs explaining to others. So dry it is something Rachi would have dug up.

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