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lightbulb- the mina

Okay so while looking for photos for insurance I found my first photos of my new Mina bodice and had quite a revelation.

So I find it very painful to do fitting for historic gear. It’s physically painful. 

I have helped that a bit with The Mina because I shaped all panels before putting eyelets in the back so I can lace it closed even during fitting.

But I’m having trouble with boning because well it’s also painful to cut. and to handle in general.

And I realised where most of my fitting trouble is which is the bust.

I need to cord the whole thing!

I want a mid-late 1870s shape and to get that cording is often used in the hip and bust gores.

Of course!

SO this is great.

My Marie antoinette stays need a lot of topstitching before I can bone that too and I may even use a bit of cording in that to soften some of the harshness of the metal stays.

I didn’t account for cording in my pattern but I have a good seam allowance at the sides.

The cording is going to help retain the shape I carefully created in fabric as it collapses off the form.

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by admin, December 22, 2014

The book is Elements of Modern Dressmaking. It’s on Gutenburg and I am pretty sure I posted the huge section on bodice linings on my blog (search for sateen 🙂 )

Mina and the beaded chiffon make an appearance. Best viewed in 720 or 1080 resolution to actually see anything I’m rabbiting on about.


If you spot the fluffy balls of yarn and guessed Pink Diamonds was on the re-do list you’d be right 🙂 I need to treat the yarn in a way to make it a bit more able to stand out than it is currently, I got to see how heavy the original is. No way I’m sewing anything as heavy if not heavier!

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