Barnes is here!!

Henderson Auckland!!!

!!!!!!! I can’t really justify 27kg of the stuff but they have the S foam 130 flex!

This is what I used for my super squishy and very flexible Togruta headpieces 🙂

It’s a bit tricky when you don’t have a perfect mold that includes headcast but this time I do sort of! This will make the foam fill in the space perfectly 🙂 I can keep my molds!!!


Also this is not what I used but could be ideal for paint:

More Draenei sculpting


Left hand side rescaled and tidied, the right about to begin!


The right started, I wound up adding a little to the inside of the horn edge and then continued shaving off the top.


I had to leave the sculpt here, it will cool further overnight so I can shave and carve the rhs to match. I usually prefer to work equally on each side but as these horns will be cast separately I decided to get one side sized ideally in case I bumped one of the horns off and had to sculpt without support. It means I can also cast one before anything happens to ruin the sculpt 🙂 But I am so far lucky that the clay is cold enough to retain shape.

Those are also my favourite tools for sculpting:

A paring knife- it is dull! But the blade is fine enough to use it for carving and shaving. Also if warmed it will smooth a surface quickly using one or the other face flat to the sculpt.

A loop of plumbers coil- it is able to be held in a tight or loose loop depending on how much pressure I want to put on the sculpt.

One of the blue plastic tools you can buy in a set.

The wedge shaped silicon brush- for corners and to press caly from one pane to the other in a corner.

Wood handled tool that is a flat topped loop- for carving and light shaving.

And a vegetable peeler. This shaves off much more cleanly than anything else but is only a few cm across. But it cuts back a surface super fast! And leaves only shallow teeth marks that are easily buffer out.


madame vastra side two


by admin, January 29, 2015

Yep, masking tape to help measure 🙂 The tape is now gone. The lines are balanced but definitely individual on each side 🙂 hoping to get this back half done this week. But I am permanently fatigues and this is making time management difficult.

no texture tool doing this the old fashioned way


by admin, January 25, 2015


Line sketch then filling and removing small lumps of clay.
Just need to figure out a way to make the scales look tidier. Okay, managed to use a cuticle stick, then silicone brush and then my hands. It’s not perfect so I’ll want to to a finishing tidy later.
But I have an ice pack on the nape of my neck as it is so hot. Supposedly only 26 degrees but it feels more like 30.

madame vastra


by admin, January 24, 2015

Sooooo, yep taking the face off so I can mold the back and sides in ultracal and then cast in latex. Then I can slip the cast over my better headcast and sculpt the face, then mold that and cast that in silicone.