stickelchen progress


My Mr Boo tribute fits in really nicely. He will need to be unpicked to put the embroidered body in place but I really wanted to test the shapes and embossing depth and get used to it first 🙂 he will have a little fat belly. He’ll have his ears and nose partly etched so his heart nose is really


But the rest of the leaves and pearls have been stitched down too 🙂

The front piece will need leaves to have holes stamped out of the end. So not doing that past 9pm as it is now though!

what was that about not handsewing

Yeah, well I tried by machine. It was actually much harder and the result was just not okay. I either had really obvious stitches or had to break out my craft blade to unpick very carefully.

The light heat n bond is kind of perfect though. It is too light to work on its own but works really well to stabilise the brocade. It both retains the curve I managed to pressed it into as well as stick to the silk. But the fabric is much too heavy, so it absorbs the stuff!

Also if anyone has been watching my instagram they’ll have seen the progress of the centrepiece of my stickelchen. My Boo, he is made from embossed copper with silver leaf so is quite fragile. I was going to make his body from pearls but I think I may want to preserve the feeling of softness by either embroidery or more embossing. I have silver thread but nothing to couch.

And yes, I still need to tidy the couched braid as it is a bit wobbly from stretching.

it still hurts

The last two nights I have cried myself out of sleep.I don’t cry tears except a very few times. When I thought I’d love my mother, when I am struggling after months of untreated disease and for my Boo.

There is a unique connection when both you and your pet have disabilities. You become reliant on each other, are vulnerable with each other, and trust each other.


Feb 5 is coming up fast and it’s just harder to be okay at specific times of the day.



by michaela de bruce, September 13, 2014

He also loves the pain relief. What can’t every other pill work the same way?



by michaela de bruce, September 5, 2014

Rush makeup that is way too flat. But hey!


Also I am about to puddle because Mr Boo Boo does indeed have cancer and I am just glad they are “cosmetic” and pain “only” so I have had a wine on not enough food because I have a sad. Not as much as he has- he wants outside so badly. But he also has a toe injury so he is Not Allowed Out!


But the cheeks do what they need, I’m just going to use very little to no pigments. The deadener also works. The nose prosthetic has a gant bubble in it so no it won’t work as a stunt piece but for demonstration purposes it’s great!

Also, I love the self adhesive properties (will try for 300% not 100% next time) and I can’t wait to get Madame VASTRA done!!!!!!

Mr Boo the cutey

sm_DSC_0124 sm_DSC_0125 sm_DSC_0126 sm_DSC_0217 sm_DSC_0218 sm_DSC_0219 sm_DSC_0220 sm_DSC_0221

He is by my feet right now.  So happy to have him back (he got a little weird for a while when I think a new cat came in to the neighbourhood- he settled in a few days but it’s taken a few more weeks for him to get smoochy again.)

Sorry for weird photo but…

How to deal with green and purple tinted blues in the same costume:


Veins. Yeah, go bio geekery again? Elsa is fast becoming my hidden nerd costume.
Anyway am guarding the back yard with Mr Behbu. He is certain there are invading feline forces.


Oh. He also looks green. This is because I have looked so long at purple blues for so long that eveything shows up as the contrast. Also being eaten by mosquitoes. Mr Behbu we need to go inside. Behbu? Behbu????