@masseffect Nyreen tunic, in pink! Love it! If the fabric was more durable this would be turned into Nyreen’s jimjams complete with pom pom slippers. Also mirrored photo is mirrored 😉

The pattern does not include a few things but this is a guide as the fabric I will be using is bulkier than the flannel and also more yielding than the interfacing. That hood… oy! I haven’t got the piping detail on there yet, I wanted the shape first. The actual fabric will drape very nicely and I’ve used it for my Shaak Ti robes and Tykhi skirt already 🙂 It also flares really nicely when bound in the silver fabric I plan on trimming this with.

Next step is to debate getting fabric custom printed or not. I may be able to find some textured lycra anyway and overdye/airbrush some shading in to it.

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