Stalled Nyreen

But not for long hopefully 🙂 GP visit in t minus 30 minutes to hopefully get all the sprays for up my nose (we’ve thrown three lots of antibiotics- giggle.. antibiotics…) steroids and all the NSAIDs. And nasal wash. You know the thing that feels like like swimming and breathing in water….

Anyway. I have ultracal! Yay! but I need to remember how I worked to make neat molds for Shaak Ti as I want these babies to look good.

Right, 20mins now.


Nyreen in pieces. Click the tag and you’ll see how she started as one piece and is now multiple. Ultracal should arrive tomorrow or the day after so we be molding! Tidying and making retaining walls as well 🙂

Oh yes, spoke to Garrus, kept clicking to hear “calibrations” and giggling inanely. So there are a few cuts to be made to the jaw area as well.


All the pieces (except the mandibles, I need a funky angle for them 🙂 ). It was so hard cutting my sculpt apart and carefully transfering the pieces to work on individually.

Also my tools! I use only a few in reality. The paring knife and craft blade most. Then three of the silicon brushes. (I put them sort of in order with most used at the front). Mostly work with hands as that is what I tend towards- pulling shapes out and flattening them rather than carving. I tend to work as a builder of positive space than a remover of negative. That said I do like to train my brain and work with negative space on occasion. it’s just not natural for me 🙂


So the worst thing is I am now waiting until I can mold her. There are a few areas to tidy and even up a bit more. But when you are at about 95% done that last 5% can make or break a project

The breaking is when you start to see that 5% as more important than the rest and overthink or over do any deatil work. In this case I could wind up scraping off too much to actually fit my head. I mean the pieces are already very much not human but if they are too small the risk is stretching and deforming over natural facial shapes.

That said there are a few burrs than need polishing and I still need to see all the parts in a mirror but I need to keep in mind all that I have done so far. So I’ll be leaving the pieces for a few days while I get enough distance to get better perspectve and then will start prepping her for molding. Using some of that work to fix the minor issues. Or I’ll look at it in the mirror and find something else to fix.

Either way, I cant start molding until I have my ultracal which means a courier as it will be the big 22.5kg bad in a bucket. Um. That’s a negatory for me being able to move that at all.

I’ve got insomnia and my wrists are part of why I am still awake. But so too is my sheer joy at having sculpted a nicely complex piece of art from nothing but squishy kiddie clay.

Think of what I chould do with real clay. Hmmmmmm, real clay.

Another few hours work on Nyreen 🙂 I can’t seem to reply to comments so I’ll just add text here 🙂

I’ve been using my compass as a sort of caliper, so working on eye placements and distance from eyes to nose tip and jaw tip. I also used a bend brass strap to get my jaw line. The mask should fit, but I am planning on making it in multiple parts. So once the top of the sculpt has the hills and valleys close to what they are supposed to be I’ll need to cut the piece up and get parts ready for molding. This will happen at night when the clay is cold enough to retain its shape.

So I am going to chat with Garrus a bit on the Normandy to see how the layers work and go from there 🙂 I need to order some latex of course as well. And see what of my fabrics I have that are suitable for her ensemble. Which is very Assassin’s Creed in style which makes me very happy. Space Ninja Alien!

But yes, I am going to have to try and get used to a full face piece. Much of my problem at D*C and Celebration with Liara and Talon was the high humidity factor. When I wear Nyreen I should be in a cooler but more regulated climate 🙂

Because I really can’t resist interesting aliens. Nyreen is still enigmatic but I am really interested in what has been shown about her so far. If she is an uneasy ally of Aria then that already makes for all sorts of possibilities. And biotic? But also hooray for a relatively comfy ensemble because I have very little room for Turian armour….


First look at female turian in ME3 Omega DLC: A couple of screenshots have popped up online today for the multiplatform title, “Mass Effect 3.” The latest images provide a first look at a Female Turian that appears in the upcoming Omega DLC for the role-playing…

Ehem. It should come as no surprise that I now have a new project. This shall be a challenge as I still do not have a head cast and I am extremely claustrophobic. Which makes getting a head cast and wearing full facial prosthetics a challenge.

While fighting severe fatigue and a fair bit of burn out, I am about to go elt some clay to start the base texture. This is going to work best as multiple pieces, again.