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I’m not kidding, with my Bounty Hunter running around as essentially a Rene-gon femShep with Mako as practically Liara and then Rishi being such an interactive and responsive planet (butterflies- they smack in to my camera evete, and I play chase the birdie and piggies!!!). I’m loving the expansion and even with my “casual” status as a gamer (I’m a fraidy cat more than anything- though get me on a racing sim, and I am a reckless tearaway!) ANyway, I have adored playing even with my current fever. Though it means not being able to play long the game I *have* been playing has been really rewarding 🙂


I really do wish I was able to be involved with Togruta testing on the PTS. Hmm I did enable access to the PTS but I just had to do so again. Never mind. I’m honestly not sure if my adoration of the species is a good or bad thing. Much of what I love about them comes from the EU. Sadly:

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Togruta/Canon vs http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Togruta and I’m on team legends. But I’m not going to get in to how much they were changed, and just hope that SWTOR can keep the way they have been where Togruta are at every level of society. And I’d love to basically brute force appearance options as at least in SWTOR and TCW we do see a lot of variation 🙂


And again, Ashara’s new customisation, glorious, glorious.



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@SWTOR inspirations again :)

@SWTOR inspirations again 🙂


This is the new customisation for Ashara (number 4). You can buy them on the GTN for very cheap. But Guh, so pretty! And her face shape works with mine so I am pretty sure I can get my current set of montral new lekku to paint in this style.

It also gives me hope that Togruta are not far off as a playable species in which case Darth Tykhi may well wind up looking like this 🙂 I can see how the customisation could work too 🙂

Meanwhile my Merc is still rocking her white knight look 😉

Latex and silicone ahoy :)

Whipped up some fluffy latex mix for a new set of Togruta montral 🙂  Also a mix for a set of asari tentacles as the last set pulled apart badly. Luckily even though it’s wet today the latex in both cases is curing and settling nicely.

And now there is a layer of silicone on the maleficent horns as well as matting worked in the outer layer. Very difficult  to smooth the stuff on as the horns fall over.

But now my hands are not happy typing so an early night again and some lovely hot cocoa.

Shaak Ti and Queen Amidala by Matt & Kristy on Flickr.

Adorable Juliet as Amidala and myself as the jolly red giant 😉

Only pruchased parts were the boots and I altered the top (cut shoulders and overdyed)

Still have so much I want to fix of course. This set of montral and lekku will eventually be another Togruta and my next set will be my permanent ones 🙂

What photo magic is this! I am not that endowed! nor have such a little waist. I love when cameras are flattering, it happens so rarely for me 😉

That is Chastangela as Legolas. 🙂 So sad Geddon is not going back to Sydney this year 🙁 But it would be selfish to ask for the organisers to put on an expensive show just so I can go back to see awesome peeps again. Luckily most go to Melbourne anyway XD



MDB, Me, Fleyer and RJayne at the Special Childrens Christmas in Auckland.

It’s a charity event for children with chronic illness, or disorders, or deprived in some way. They absolutely loved my Shrek outfit, and I reckon I got more photos than Santa, or in my last 3 Geddons combined! [……]

Oh, this was more fun than Geddon! I am totally doing this again next year and will be encouraging more people to join in. Merry Christmas!!!

md,fngdkfg I had no idea this was even happening!  This is so wonderful. 🙂

I posted it to the forums and on the tumblr account and facebook for Geddon Cosplay 😉 Next year dooooeeet!!!! Seriously it is amazing.

Oh and content for my tumblr 😉 ) Yes, Shaak Ti is nearing completion again 🙂 Still some major and minor tweaks to go but I have a good head start 😉 Shading those lekku and montral as well as possibly some interior support are first.Well that and bevelling all the cut leatherwork. I need to flatten the leather and anchor it to my desk though. Arthritis means I use a lot of tools for holding things. I have an electric can opener for a similar reason 😉

Most impractical Jedi ever!!! Ever!!!!11!!!! It’s not just the body paint (TFU Shaak TI uses a lot more) it’s not just the lekku, it’s not just the robes… it’s how they all interact. The lekku grip the robes which then twist and bunch. I had about 8 safety pins at my neckline holding robes to the most sensible anchor point. Again TFU version has the front lekku tied back which means just the butterfly butt piece grips the costume- which is conveniently tied in place.

Hoods and lekku do not work!

Loved my Reel Creations and Latona’s inks though XD The paints are a-ma-zing. I was sure I’d need to tint the red as it is flaming scarlet, but under different lighting conditions it toned to a more muted shade. And on camera it reacted differently again. It does explain why the test paint and the behind the scenes photos look very different to the studio photos.


What the heck was I thinking? And why oh why am I now obsessed with making a Chagrian and Nautolan sculpt??? Saarai and random NPCs on Hutta that’s why. Sigh.

This counts right?

#swtor screenies of my first builds 🙂

Sith Inquisitor

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

XD Yeah okay sith tattoos are very cliche but yellow Twi’s are not that common 🙂 I did love the spotted skin decoration though 🙂 They reminded me a bit of octopi markings. They were especially beautiful on the three blue shades. Pretty sure it as three. Markings were not dependent on colour either 🙂

You can also see the clipping issues mentioned for non-human characters with lots of crazy head stuff 😉

Jedi Consular


Zabrak. Seriously how pretty? Those markings were just my favourite. And the photos ended there as I got caught up in the story and just played rather than try to capture it before it all passed by. Tried to use affection on a grumpy beast but it didn’t work. Pretty funny seeing it stomp and make annoyed sounds 😉

Anyway, I had to leave both characters as lag was so bad I was clicking and waiting a minute for movement. Not the game at issue but rather being in NZ and being far from an exchange at that. And then the computer I was using hadn’t been used in months so it was running slow anyway.

And yes, these do count as I am really contemplating more SWTOR goodness. You have heard of Ashara?


Loving her armoured look 🙂 Hoping for more Togruta characters. Would love to play one. Vette is adorable and all kinds of sassy 🙂

Darth Tykhi 🙂 I missed this one. I love it! And yes that is a heavy headpiece, why do you ask?

Actually it balances well it’s just due to the nature of the lekku hanging from the lower parts of the neck it is much harder to move the head than with other aliens 🙂