Latex and silicone ahoy :)

Whipped up some fluffy latex mix for a new set of Togruta montral 🙂  Also a mix for a set of asari tentacles as the last set pulled apart badly. Luckily even though it’s wet today the latex in both cases is curing and settling nicely.

And now there is a layer of silicone on the maleficent horns as well as matting worked in the outer layer. Very difficult  to smooth the stuff on as the horns fall over.

But now my hands are not happy typing so an early night again and some lovely hot cocoa.

0 thoughts on “Latex and silicone ahoy :)”

  1. I’ve been searching the net for some tutorials on Togruta headpieces. Out of all of the Togruta I have seen you have had the best looking headpiece, have you made a tutorial or have you thought about making up a tutorial of how you made them? I’d like to check out your process if you have.

  2. Thank you 🙂 I did work incredibly hard on sculpting the montral because they are a finicky and really annoyingly precise shape. The proportions are closest to the movie version as The Force Unleashed thinned them a lot and The Clone Wars made them much bigger!

    I don’t have a tutorial as such but I have some video of the process of casting as well as all my in progress photos. I may make a blog post showing the stages of sculpting though. I am a pretty experienced sculptor but it still took me about 6 months to sculpt due to the sheer size of the things!

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