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Ahsoka lekku patterning

I’ve done this before, so thought I’d capture it for posterity 😉

I printed the concept art at full scale. What is helpful with these is the flat back. SO we can use the profile as the very first piece to cut.


This is then taped perpendicularly to card that will form the back. Once the frame is taped then it’s time to try for shaping the back. This is done by eye which can be a bit off.

To create the sides tape the frame to paper and cut radiating strips out. These offer something for tape to adhere to.


Then these are cut apart and transfered to card for more careful shaping. Keeping the profile shape helps keep this stable as well.

Once taped to the form it is possible to see where shaping needs to happed. As this is a template it’s possible to only alter one side.

Here only the left has been altered.

The top seam also can be adjusted. And the entire pice taken off the form.

I have used a similar method previously for my Ahsara Zavros ensemble:

I used sheer pantihose to smooth the foam. Urethane foam is lovely and squishy but is fragile. The material also allows minimal seepage of latex into the foam to help keep them fairly soft.

Latex shrinks as it cures to the thinner the layer the better.

This is also how I make all my Twi’lek lekku- skinned foam  🙂 It takes patience. latex cures very fast in thin layers.

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Cards on table: current costume obsessions

I’ve been looking through my stash of fabrics with a calculating eye and have finally settled on a few absolutely desperate to make right now projects. Most of which use my stash in some way or another 🙂 This is all locked in and I have plans for what occasion each will be for 🙂

freya2 freya3 norma_shearer_-26

Freya from Hunstman: Winter’s War (robes and armour) & Norma Shearer from Upstage

The armour can be from my stash (so lucky!) so can Norma’s gown. It’s the robes that is currently making my brain itch because I need to calculate and create my patterns precisely.

But that slinky velvet. Obsessed. There is a preview that has survived and it’s at the NZ film archive! The skirt front of the gown isn’t so exciting but the rest is. And I have many options to adapt the front of the skirt. And a lot of research as slinky gowns abound in the 1920s.

mantuamol 76c655368e1abea996bf521c24afb1a3 kjole

An early mantua. 

These are illustrative only, I am trying to debate between my stash options of black ribbed silk or a shot pale blue polyester. 9m of each!

satinmeshwedding24 b83806b7

Sheer 1870s

I have about 12m of cotton net. Now that I have my fluffy Robe de Style in lace I can put it all towards a fashion style that has had a dedicated folder for over a decade!


These are “new” projects. I am still working on my wall of things but these are mostly stash busting so really just a shifting around in my workroom 🙂



To finish:

Marie Antoinette: thought I’d forgeotten? AHAHAHAHAH! All my trims are here so time to start patterning and washing sizing out of trims 🙂

Cleves red velvet: this is long term hand sewing. And fiddly. But everything is put aside.

Valois: the skirt needs hemming and I am worried I have been rushing the stitches. Also the silk is insanely difficult to work with. I have scrap silk that is less difficult to try!

Silver Spanish: it’s lining, so much lining. I also took out some extra weight from the skirt to make it wearable.

Princess de Cleves: You’d think a doublet would be easy. Nope. But I figure I can couch some braid over the existing braid for some extra texture!


Hannibal gown: reassembly!

Phantom wedding gown: in storage with the Hannibal gear, no rush, but it is silly to leave it this long!

Mina: I have to make the lining absolutely perfect as the silk has zero stretch and all my bodices have had some stretch. I now have the same ripstop cotton as for the bustle so it will be done!!! For my birthday? Maybe…

Worth Sunburst: on hold, I did just find my 9m length of pale aqua silk chiffon so I may wind up with my own interpretation of the gown seeing as there are two extant versions already. Also I have glass pearls set aside and that is more of the Kyoto style than Met style 🙂


Ahsoka: lost a bit of steam on this. Still want to finish her 🙂

Mothma: my dress shrank :/ I’m thinking of passing on the fabric parts to just reset.

Darth Talon: New bikini is fantastic! ANd I do need new lekku. My 2nd set are just too heavy 🙂

Ashara: potentially be remade into my own SWTOR jedi knight Neimhaille 🙂

Nyreen: With Andromeda coming out and more female turians running around I dug out my robes for her that were about to be thrown out. So resizing them 🙂

Leia: my senatorial robes have just gone into the wash, I got new photos for my tutorial, and finally found a pair of soles that work! SHe has no heel, her shoes are made with that really gummy rubber and there are so many cool seams in her boots anyway.

Draenei: slightly on the back burner again. I have a habit of wanting to figure out how then figuring it out and then not really wanting to finish 😉


So at the heart of it I love patterning, and figuring stuff out, not so much the final stages. Ah well 😉

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by admin, January 15, 2015

Love them, will shorten the front ones a bit but the colour just gets darker in pics which is great 🙂

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by admin, January 2, 2015


The latex has already pulled away at the tips 🙂 my new recipe is fantastic, I may be able to get all product from the one person too 🙂

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by admin, December 10, 2014

I’m not kidding, with my Bounty Hunter running around as essentially a Rene-gon femShep with Mako as practically Liara and then Rishi being such an interactive and responsive planet (butterflies- they smack in to my camera evete, and I play chase the birdie and piggies!!!). I’m loving the expansion and even with my “casual” status as a gamer (I’m a fraidy cat more than anything- though get me on a racing sim, and I am a reckless tearaway!) ANyway, I have adored playing even with my current fever. Though it means not being able to play long the game I *have* been playing has been really rewarding 🙂


I really do wish I was able to be involved with Togruta testing on the PTS. Hmm I did enable access to the PTS but I just had to do so again. Never mind. I’m honestly not sure if my adoration of the species is a good or bad thing. Much of what I love about them comes from the EU. Sadly:

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Togruta/Canon vs http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Togruta and I’m on team legends. But I’m not going to get in to how much they were changed, and just hope that SWTOR can keep the way they have been where Togruta are at every level of society. And I’d love to basically brute force appearance options as at least in SWTOR and TCW we do see a lot of variation 🙂


And again, Ashara’s new customisation, glorious, glorious.

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by michaela de bruce, September 5, 2014


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@SWTOR inspirations again :)

@SWTOR inspirations again 🙂


This is the new customisation for Ashara (number 4). You can buy them on the GTN for very cheap. But Guh, so pretty! And her face shape works with mine so I am pretty sure I can get my current set of montral new lekku to paint in this style.

It also gives me hope that Togruta are not far off as a playable species in which case Darth Tykhi may well wind up looking like this 🙂 I can see how the customisation could work too 🙂

Meanwhile my Merc is still rocking her white knight look ?

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by michaela de bruce, September 4, 2014

Ashara sketch

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