Phantom Hannibal costume tidy up :)

I’ve been adding more ribbon to the skirt so as to make it balance more with the extreme business of the appliqued hanging panels.

sm_dsc_1066 sm_dsc_1067

ANd this is what the inside looks like.


So why did I hand sew? I didn’t want to have to take the hanging panels off as they are just perfectly sewn down at the top under the two rows of ribbon. If I was to machine them I’d be either banging those about or have to take them off.

But the other reason is that hand sewing allows the two ribbons to appear to float over the fabric, creating shadows and depth of texture. It helps the green and purple to really pop over the gold.

IΒ did machine sew all the ribbon on the pleated hem though. And that is partly the need to sew that quickly- the pleats are three times the full length so it was going to be bulky and time consuming to hand sew! The effect is now of a single fabric due to the machine stitches.

Now I can start pinning the extra appliques and jewels on the skirt πŸ™‚

Hannibal bodice and wig

Test fit, the zip is pretty rigid but I do need boning. I may top stitch the seam allowances first then put in boning cases and trim. I will indeed do lacing up the back as I am loving this front zip business!


I had an invisible zip in my first version but this chunky metal zip will last forever!

Frizzy wig!!!!! Sorry for the fuchsia hair peeking out I will use a spray to tone that back.

More Elissa hemming

So ribbon on ribbon over applique under ribbon on ribbon.


Next and maybe possibly last thing to do on them is to add more loopy braid which is all over the other elements.
I would be tmpted to sew rows and rows of ribbon over the shot green taffeta to be closer to the Aussie version but the tabs on those are super wide and only three at the front, so…… No. Keeping the Hamburg vibe here with the heavy reliance on green red and gold only.
And the wee arrow heads will get ironed on and probably edged in more loopy braid.

Last post was some time ago…

So this is going to be weird- I did have a big break before doing the jewels and pinning to the skirt. Now I will need to press the pleats again before sewing.


Possibly will machine the pleats at the upper most row of ribbons. And then I still need to work out how far apart to do the appliques on the skirt between the tabs. Before mountng it all on the net under skirt and sewing the heavy tabs in place. Then the drapery and the huge snaps down the back and freacking huge fence hook at the waist and hiding it all with the faux bodice.
But man that trellice so makes the hem. It just makes it so Phantom.

Elissa hem fringe:

Had to be hand sewn, both the shape (open lattice) and the shine (gold thread shreds as it is) made machining just all terribad.



Now I need to take a big break, like for a day, and then the gems go on and I start pinning it to the top of the pleated hem and hand sew to that. I see a lot of pinning to avoid tears.

Elissa/slave girl bodice progress

Just laid over the bodice but the front two jewelled pieces are done- sans backing and fastening.


And to show just how much work there is in these I have omly barely started the back piece. Organza appliques, couched cord and galloon, applied Saree pieces. I still have to finish the couching then bead (both on a frame) then the jewels and looped braid.


These do look very Aussie/world tour because I used the shapes of Marina’s gold tone appliques with the larger coloured jewels of Maree/Danielle’s bodice and the slight heart dip in the top.

I have started the wrist pieces, but deviating a little and keeping with the gold on back of the jewelled pieces.

Oh and yes, that is a super chunky metal zip up the front πŸ™‚ I will lace the back as well.

Elissa with the Aussie trim

So now this piece is finished:


It just got put on our mini tree, and yep it’s like a tree ornament!

Elissa chest piece, zomg!

Actually finished, those are sewn down.


I don’t know why the photo rotated 180 but hey πŸ˜‰ I started this particular piece in 2006 and the original costume in 99 so this is most definitely a personal labour of love. And I have a few beads from the first costume too πŸ™‚

Wow, I have been away a long time…..

Or at least it feels like it. I am still rehabilitating my body after the last six months of inactivity due to the sinus infection. I am not sure if I have cleared it but I am able to sit up, look at a monitor for more than five minutes. Except today. Today I am zombiefied because of the two steps forward one step back pattern I am currently in.

But I have had a chance to clear out several projects I felt hampered by, knowing I would never finish them or lost the desire to finish and so felt a bit disloyal to part with them.

This has left me with a much more manageable pile of stash fabrics and in progress costumes. I am also going to clear out some more. I really do not “need” everything. I like having a rnage of costumes but I am at the point where I have so many to choose from I feel held down by the weight of them as well.

So this year I have decided to make a final list of Must Do/Finish?repair and they should fill the next five years nicely.

1) Think of Me Gown, the full kit from slave girl through to dressing gown. I have the dressing gown, pointe shoes (I want to soften them a little more to be able to wear them and strengthen my ankles back to the state they were when I first bought them) and most of the fabrics and trim to make the overgown.
Aim to finish this year for Auckland Armageddon.

2) Cleves gown overhaul. The gown was decimated by the dry cleaners so I have totally recut a new shell of maroon faille (perfect for a Cercei gown if I can bare to face that embroidery) and black silk duchesse satin. The bodice is still the came canvas and I will be able to line the sleeves in vintage bordering on antique tube rat. I never use new fur, and tend to buy seconds or recycled animal products and I hate the smell of tanned skin but for this gown I really do aim to make it as accurate in materials as I can.
Aim for possibly next year? Would love to get her finished for the Bloth/Baronial Anniversary but I really am having a very slow recovered back to good health and this is a project that will require a lot of handsewing.

3) Worth Sunburst gown. If I culd get this finished I would get my butt to the Oamaru Hertiage festival. If not I’m going to Howick and posing the plce up due to the beautiful atmostpheric lighting. This has a tablier of cutwork and beading. I am going for a blend of the two variations so I can use glass pearls for the clouds. The Met clouds are formed from cut glass beads. The Kyoto gown though is pink. So Met base colours and trim and shape, Kyoto beading. On hold for about 6 years. Time to actually transfer the pattern (currently on paper ready to pin and machine the pattern in place- I plan on machining the pattern to really stabilise the cut work) and then repair my stand up frame and get beading.

4) Silly spanish. This is actually the most doable as the linen thread to hold the trim is easy on my hands once waxed properly.
Again I’d love to get this done for BA, but I may wait until I have a Kingdom level event I can attend.

5) Nyreen. Luckily the pattern for the fabric parts are done. I have fabric I can use for the bodysuit but I may invest in a new can for my airbrush and airbrush the pattern to the bodysuit fabric. Then it’s a case of adapting footwear and making armour from foam- not fibreglass or leather!) simply because this is the first costume where I feel it an appropriate material that I have done.
Love to be done by WellyGeddon if I can.

6) Mon Mothma. I keep pushing this back but she is going to be a nice simple costume to wear even if no one recognises her. I just need to remold the brooches as the last set tore. I am avoiding epoxy though so this may take a while just to make sure I don’t trigger a big allergic reaction. I have some molds and costume pieces to repair so will save it all up for them.

7)c1600s Cleves style. So far just a swingy coat half made. All hand sewn though and fully lined so I have a reason for it to be held off πŸ˜‰

8) super fine ruff and partlet. A hem of less and 2mm is still tough on my hands, but while my eyes are still good I’d like to attempt it!

9) Wedding Dress from Phantom. I have most pieces and have managed to salvage much of my original piece. I aim to make it hook up the front as per the very original and take elements from favourite versions from around the world. Including the super amazing bow trails from the Japanese production.

10) MLP inspired costume. Fluttershy is my totem (her reticence, surprising amount of understanding of things people assume she is ignorant of and her few glimpses of rage).

11) repair Shae, Talon and Shaak Ti, as well as redo the Mina bodice.

I also have my Tissot inspired dress to repair and the Green Spring dress to decide to finish or not. Both mid 1870s.

Elissa gown photos

Elissa gown from 2003 (first five photos) to 2009 (next three photos) to 2013 (last photo).

The bodice is the same. The skirt drapery is part of a saree I totally cut up and spent hours making appliques from each and every paisley shape. All those trails of sequins were also pulled apart for extra sequin usage. I may still get working on another set of decorations (black and gold panels) as I want more flow from bodice to skirt.

I am not sure where the photos of the ridiculous net underskirt are. It packs down really well. Sadly the rope skirt and skirt parts do not. Sigh. I have checked. It is nearly my entire suitcase. Otherwise I’d have madly finished this for Dragon*Con. Sadly, no more D*C for me. That really was the grand effort of many people and I can’t ask that again. I can dream though πŸ™‚