Another few hours work on Nyreen 🙂 I can’t seem to reply to comments so I’ll just add text here 🙂

I’ve been using my compass as a sort of caliper, so working on eye placements and distance from eyes to nose tip and jaw tip. I also used a bend brass strap to get my jaw line. The mask should fit, but I am planning on making it in multiple parts. So once the top of the sculpt has the hills and valleys close to what they are supposed to be I’ll need to cut the piece up and get parts ready for molding. This will happen at night when the clay is cold enough to retain its shape.

So I am going to chat with Garrus a bit on the Normandy to see how the layers work and go from there 🙂 I need to order some latex of course as well. And see what of my fabrics I have that are suitable for her ensemble. Which is very Assassin’s Creed in style which makes me very happy. Space Ninja Alien!

But yes, I am going to have to try and get used to a full face piece. Much of my problem at D*C and Celebration with Liara and Talon was the high humidity factor. When I wear Nyreen I should be in a cooler but more regulated climate 🙂

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