I am pretty sharttered from efforts from Thursday through Sunday. I was going to spend some time today working on #AhsokaLives but might instead just keep warm in the lounge.

I spent much of the weekend getting paper resources in order.  Prints/photocopies and even books. Though some books are still in the I have no clue how to actually store these things phase.

Keeping a few photocopies of patterns I own in book form so that I can keep them in my new inspirations folders. These are yellow.

I’m trying to decide how best to present them in said folders. But I am also trying to find a balance between projects I absolutely want to do and those I probably won’t do. 

The problem is that the images are all different sizes and different quantities. I have several early mantua patterns but only two photos for instance.

Ao I may just put in some old school hand drawn images.

Which remindes me… some of those very old references were tracings on tissue paper. I was on a super tight budget back in the day and yes, even photocopying was expensive- mainly they were books not within my own borrowing system- they were local but they also were not available via interlibrary loan. So when the councils merged I was one very happy book borrower!

So that is for today. 

But also I do need to get my notes on how to use my pattern book up and going.

And part of that is to get my new website section up and working. 

Ahsoka hilts progress

I started by preparing the joins I created in the model. This allows the hilt to have the printlines as horizontal as possible and allow for very secure joins.

I sanded the extended end smooth and to remove the excess. I used a knife to tidy the recesses sections of the other end

Once these fitted well I used acetione and a tiny bit of ABS to weld the ends together. Pressure was needed for some

Once each hilt was assembled I was able to start sanding.

Much more sanding later I was then able to use a mix of acetone, silver pigment and clear abs filament dissolved together. This acts as filler and paint. But as it’s applied y hand and uses the solvent that will dissolver the plastic entirely it’s a process of applying, sanding back, applying thinner coat, and so on.


I used copper pigment for the copper pieces.

This was the antique silver. I have been using regular silver in subsequent passes. The difference can be seen below right.

Ahsoka tunic progress

Instagram importer isn’t working all the time, so I’m trying to backtrack a bit.

I’ve been doing slow work on hilts and montral. The hilts will likely end up with a layer of rub nbuff as I can’t get my pigments to work with my air brush.

But the tunic and mitts are going well.

To make the little windows in the mitts I used a stretch fusible on the inside layer. This is so that all the stabilising stiches are on the inside.

What this means though is I had to turn the upper edge in  and overcast it to shape. I then turned the seam inside out and used my finger nail to press the seams flat and machined them. I worked as far in from the underside as possible then from the other end. And finally stabilised the seam allowance on the inside layer.

The tunic has been refitted and an extension added to hold the tunic in place. This will snap just forward of the seat And I have taken the neck in at the back so it swoops around to the back of the neck.

Here the mitts are inside out. I will overlock all these seams as soon as possible. Today I need to hem my Elsa cape 🙂

ahsoka progress

That is leather wetforming on two sets of forms. So lucky to have been given one and the other was a very reasonable auction!


Today I have put some chrome tanned leather in water to soften so I can form those. There will be a layer of cloth between to keep them stabilised.

Scaling funtimes

I’ve taken the concept art of Ahsoka and scaled her to my height- so 168cm from heel to top of head- so I cropped the montral off and the heels of the boots.

And I have checked head height is accurate, height from waist to should is right..

Her “big” lightsaber hilt winds up 34cm long! And yeah in the concept you can see it goes from about hip crease to above the knee.

It just feels very weird!

I’m going to check the scale on the figure because I don’t think they follow that proportion. The figure is about 125mm from heel to crown.

X/168= 21/125

X= 28.224

Hmmm. I wonder if I should just say 30cm/12″? I know one person has gone for 12″ and it does seem to be the middle ground.

I grabbed these images as screencaps, her arm and saber are approximately on the same angle, mirrored, and then in line:

ahsokascalere ahsokascalere2

I used a line tool for the length of the light saber then copied to a new layer and altered the angle to follow the arm.

In both cases they line up.

And that is as close to 30cm on me as can be fairly judged.

To note, the saber is curved, quite definitely so, but I have printed out and used my ruler to compare length from top to bottom along the surface and at right angle to the top. It’s very similar.

So, now that I have a dimension I am happy with I can actually start work in Sketchup!


The next few months have many opportunities! As always there are the Special Children’s Christmas parties, then there is a couple of Steampunk shoots, also the Bal d’Argent, and the big Santa Parade (yep, you’ll see me there XD) and also there are some opportunities for next year that I’m just insanely excited for 🙂 Also of course Rogue One and N7 day 🙂

I have been watching my Ahsoka mold like a hawk, it is finally starting to dry! It’s still very fragile but it is drying out. It’s just past the point of being able to be trimmed!

I didn’t manage to check what leather I have, so I’ll do that again tonight.

I also am incredibly inspired for my Marie Antoinette and for a vintage gown I really would like to break out for the Very Vintage Day Out next year. I also know I will not, I repeat *not* ever wear that sunblock again as it just ruined my make up and hair and thus all the photos. It was supposed to be “oil free” and how that can possibly be allowed I do not know as the carrier is an oil. I think it was a silicone oil though. SO I guess technically… anyway, my skin and oil is just not good. Never has been, it basically burns my skin, doesn’t matter what kind. Maybe almond oil woild be okay. But even Argan oil can be a bit.. aggressive.

Right, so I’m going to go look at my mold, check for what letaher I have and also get the pvc pipe out ready to put my Ahsoka templates on 🙂 Going to make the armour from stuff I know I can heat shape and that won’t melt! Basically if it’s good enough for building structures meant to last for decades that’s when I’ll use it for armour 😉

#Ahsokatano progress

This works! I love me some smart bb and wp!

#ahsokalives first texture pass. I need to let it all cool so texture can be carved in. Atm it’s all smooshing. Overnight will do it by pinkdiamond, on Flickr

Yes! #maleficent horn texture and #ahsokalives #togruta skin marking success! Now to do this over the entire sculptures!!!! by pinkdiamond, on Flickr

#ahsokalives #ahsokatano texture worked really well! My camera has low res though so had to do a close up. Next stop, #maleficent2014] bypinkdiamond, on Flickr

#ahsokatano sculpt prepping for mold making. Built up as much support out of foam as I could and melting clay while doing so. I may want to clean all of this after! Definitely will be mixing in some other colours. Purple and blue? by pinkdiamond, on Flickr

#ahsokatano from the side. Polystyrene and clay support them clay wall. That brick red? 2.5 kg. There are 2.24 pounds per kg. I think there is about 6kg of grey clay. It fills a crock pot anyway.
by pinkdiamond, on Flickr

#ahsokatano 10kg of ultracal plaster, about. 3l of water, big guess there though, and the top of. The mold is made!
by pinkdiamond, on Flickr

#ahsokatano left to rest. I checked and it is cool enough to leave it be. While it steams it is prone to cracking but this is quite cool. The towels are wet to help this cure. by pinkdiamond, on Flickr

So after a very long period of no progress I suddenly have some? It’s all to do with working on my Maleficent horns. And having already cast my Draenei horns. I just built up my skill set from last time so was able to not only work faster but get texture details I have not managed before! Rounded wrinkles of a certain size have been the bane of my existence! I’m now finding them fun, so all the work that goes into them has a positive result which yeah- makes the repetitive nature soothing rather than stressful


Side note, I now have a drywall trade account (well not trade trade, just a normal account). None of the mold supply company stocks it. But it’s still used by tradies for buildings. So… what the heck! Seriously, I haven’t found it in more than a year at any of the SFX supply places. So I grabbed the 22.5kg bag while it’s still in the country!


I did decide my hoops were going to destroy my peace of mind yesterday so instead I trimmed some wig heads (the neck to fit inside my mannequins and the foreheads to actually mimic my face shape- will turn them all in to custom wig heads along with a tutorial.) I also wound up sculpting.

sm_dsc_0863 sm_dsc_0864 sm_dsc_0867

The reality of sculpting is it’s messy and takes forever. But it’s cooler today which may make some of this easier… And I really really really really want to put those horns on a much better headcast. Don’t lean forward when making a head cast is all I’m saying.