by admin, December 10, 2014

I have taken the bodice shell off and so have repinned the skirt ready for some tacking stitches down the vertical seams and the hems. So far I have zig zagged the hems with an inch gap. This is to allow me to turn them in and hand stitch in place. I’ll o a ladder stitchthen another stay stitch an inch above. I need to try the bodice on again but I can’t face the spanx nor the weight of the dress right now. I should be able to at least sew the bodice in places and so be able to clip the extra skirt length off the top. Also with the inflamation in my gut but also the um.. lack of solid food for a week I am really not the shape I was a few days ago even so I do not want to fit right now either.

The bodice shell has been taken in properly ready for the seam allowance to be clipped off and the edges flipped open and tacked to each side. Tiny seam allowances tiny tiny to avoid bulk.

I also got a pattern made of the bodice shell 🙂 It’ll be accurate for the tulle but I’ll also grab the mock up to get the pattern for a plain fabric.

I also cut an extra layer for the shirt, so that’s being repinned and reshaped- the second layer will go underbust and is used to stabilise the body. I want the neckline and sleeves to be sheer and soft.

The bust enhancer is lovely in the bodice. I’ll do a page on them later. Basically small busts are not easier to deal with for self supporting bodices, they just require different engineering 😉 So my bodice support lining looks feather light except for the padding! At least, I should say not easier when you are trying to achieve a specific look.

So, still a bit to go but I can do a seam a day if need be :0 FAR FAR AWAY BIRTHDAY!!!! WOOOOT!!!!

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