by admin, November 26, 2014

I am covered in them. well the carpet is 🙂 My new Elsa fabric arrived and it will work exactly how I want it 🙂 So long as I can dye it 🙂 But I get to do that tomorrow 🙂

I am seriously, seriously liking having something so nice to work on 🙂 Don’t get me wrong. I loooove my Maleficent. I love my Shae, I love my Regina. I love my Jedi, and MINA!!! But frankly only a few grown up fellow geeks appreciate them- on any level.

I am being a bit selfish in that I really want to just have some fun and happy moments associated with costuming 🙂 I feel so on the outside of things. My femshep? Blood Drgaon armour. Which not many people recognise. Not even with Mr Boo! But kids loooved the giant Black Widow prop! So…

But really seeing kids just speechless with delight with my stunt Elsa? That was magical, for all of us. I’d like to feel like I deserve that response, hence the efforts in dying and cutting sequins and fabric. And frankly I have fewer pretty costumes than I am assumed to have 🙂


That said, pain, lots of pain. Though I am confirmed for my next set of infusions 🙂 I probably could have done with them earlier, basically the medical system really is more reactive than proactive.

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