by michaela de bruce, September 23, 2014

Bluray is out here on Oct 1. Sigh. So my bodysuit and sculpts are on hold until then. I think I do have the seams worked out for the bodysuit and the base shapes of the hip and spine pieces, just not the textures or details.

The hip shapes look smooth in the various captures and VFX, but I don’t fully trust what I have seen before I can watch the scenes in super slow mo at the highest resolution I can.

But I did draw lines and fit a basic bodysuit (precut, hooray! I may do a few more of these!) so I can at least pretty well just go for it.

I also patterned the boot covers.

And found the lime green soft soft soft lederhosen (not kidding, they are leather shorts!) I cut apart years ago. These will be soft enough for the collar but may also be perfect for the headdress. So I cleaned my head cast.

Dribs and drabs, bits and pieces. Trying very hard to not overdo things as my wrists are definitely hot, squishy and painful (do not touch! Yes they are sore to the touch not “just” with movement.) And I did sleep in til midday today and spent nearly all of yesterday and the day before asleep. Fatigue is definitely not relenting, I’m just coralling it in to a different pattern.

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