by michaela de bruce, August 11, 2014

I managed to snaggle some Madonna blue Dylon. They have the tiny pots again! Well not as pots but as sachets. So like the old silver top with colour sun packs, not the cold water dyes. Technically this is the right warm tinted blue for the Elsa cape. I had a rummage in my pile of stashes and I will have to switch out the fabric, I got some dye on a spot but it was a layered spot…. so…. meh.

I also got more sequins online and worked out how to layer my current fabrics to make the skirt and lining, yay! I’ll have to make all the seams as per the movie to make sure the fabrics stay nicely in line if I do, and also try and get a layer of super sheer tulle over the top to avoid catching. But there will be the right weight to the skirt. The reason my mind went to Mackie immediately is not just the sparkle but the weight you get in that classic beaded and sequined fabric. It swings, it flows, and slinks. And from the top to the bottom, not just at the hem. It may be worth watching a few Cher videos of her Vegas shows…

And I got some RIT colour remover to knock out the salmon of my viscose satin (used also for my Mina drapery lining) so I can tint that up to line the skirt and bodice.

I almost bought some large circular sequins to cut up but decided I may just wind up buying some already cut. I do wish I could get bigger shapes or that the sequin film I have was more durable but ah well. There are places to get wholesale bulk amounts but I’d need to really make sure about shapes and colours.

Also I grabbed some idye for my silk. My marroon silk should definitely dye, it has grippy but not waxy finish so should absorb the dye well.

The horns will be cut back a little more. With fitting so well over the top I can cut in at the side. But my head cast then does need to be cut back a good 6mm in on one side! So yes, I’ll have to do that later as well 🙂

Looks like my local hardware store sells aerosil! But it’s labeled as glue powder so I need to check it out online, because hooray if it is just aerosil!

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