Cotton tulle! Get it while it’s there!

I finally have a cape fabric for Elsa that I can easily dye with predictable results! I can’t believe it is available so randomly… Geoff’s Emporium on Lincoln Rd, Henderson has two rolls of about 30m each of off white cotton tulle.

I may have grabbed what I could of the white. There is a little colour variation as I think it was from their older pre-fire stock. But it’s $NZ8/m and about 140cm wide (about 40″ to a metre, about 55″ wide). So if you want some 6m is more than enough for a very generous cape 🙂

They also have a a magnificent wool gabardine. Or satin. I want to say satin but there is just enough definition of the Z wale. But it’s more like a heavy cotton satin with that clear direction of the face. And it’s black. It is magnificent and glorious and I want to make a proper suit out of it and I will as soon as I decide between c1600 Cologne or c1500 Nuernberg. It will both drape beautifully for 1500s and pink well for 1600s. I think Nuernberg as it will be comfortable and I can line it in my maroon silk and be not quite historically accurate Maleficent 😉

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