Shaak Ti?

So having practiced so many times with my Ahsoka molds, and previous methods with Shaak Ti.. I may actually be able to use what I have learnt with Ahsoka to use my Shaak Ti molds again 🙂

(Photo above: metal shelves with cement molds of different sizes, bottom shelf supporting in particular the two part molds for Ahsoka Tano and Shaak Ti creature effects.)

This is very exciting. To find a method that creates a predictable latex cast, that is durable and light. I think I may need to do a video guide as if takes both hands, well full body, and is so messy it would ruin my camera equipment to try and get photos.

But it winds up cheaper than a purely slush cast piece with about the same flex and is lighter. I still need to test if the support I used for Shaak Ti will work with this new method, but I do have hope.

(photo above: two part molds resting against a white wall and on grass with exposed topsoil.)

The cast has also not pulled from the molds as much as previous which means it is likely to shrink less. While these molds were relatively easy to work with it may prove more troublesome with the Shaak Ti molds as there are more ridges. But these are exactly why I want to keep using this method- the ridges tend to cause latex to clump into deeper parts of the mold and crete weak thin casts over the higher parts.

Tomorrow I will test it.

This method may also work for Turian jaws and mask 🙂 Right now the flat back cast for the jaws work very nicely.


togruta vs togruta

These are two casts from the same mold. I love my Ashara but I basically made her from an imperfect cast. The mold had separated a bit making for blunt montral and the tops of the lekku was too thin so I cut them off. This leads to the montral sticking away from the face.

sm_dsc_0783 sm_dsc_0784

sm_dsc_0778 sm_dsc_0780

Just to show that Shara was an imperfect cast!

Again, my grumpy cast is doing double duty while my good cast has my horns 🙂

I am having a day of fatigue and turning it into a day of rest, and have been also having some antiinflammatories, which seem to be at least helping a bit so that’s great 🙂

Some updates- Femshep, Talon, Shaak Ti

Big Gun is Big also collars glued in place:

Shoes! I still need to trim the edges and put in…

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Progress? I think so….

It’s been a long day and I have to admit to being a tad distracted but I did do stuff. Aside from tidying. That’s something anyone starting out needs to know: add an extra 25% of time to tidy your workspace to actually be useable.

So today I did manage…

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Progress? I think so….

It’s been a long day and I have to admit to being a tad distracted but I did do stuff. Aside from tidying. That’s something anyone starting out needs to know: add an extra 25% of time to tidy your workspace to actually be useable.

So today I did manage…

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Shaak Ti!

That’s me 😉  you beat me to tumblr! 

Wow, that kinda blew up in a matter of a few hours 😉

So yeah, no photoshopping of the paint here, you can see where it came off under my arm and the uneveness of the legs. but for a transluscent PAX not bad…

I had to do this paint work after a flight from Auckland to Australia, where we had a two hour wait for luggage/security (four international planes landed at once), then a two hour cab ride to the hotel we were told we were staying at, and weren’t. So we had a fun time wrangling a room and sorting out luggage for the next day.

PAX doesn’t dry fast so I had to paint in patches then join them up after. I think it was three hours that night then an hour the next morning for the base red and then another two or three applying th bald cap and doing the white stuff. The headpiece can pop right off if I plan the akul tooth headpiece properly.

The only paint not applied by me was a second layer in  between my shoulderblades. Yes. I am very bendy and I did manage to paint that area just not as well as the rest.

I have Latona’s Inks for my legs and underarms now, Reel Creations for the rest and some NZ made airbrush ink for the face.

And yes. I may well be stuffing this all into my luggage for Celebraton 6 and Dragon*Con if I can wrangle my Shae Vizla armour and Slave Leia bikini into and around them. My new headpiece is very strong and will stand up to being folded up in luggage for a day. But it will be a very last minute pack to make sure there is no permanent damage.

So basically not this costume at all as I have replaced pretty much everything… But that original headpiece might be at D*C

swtor costuming :)

#swtor #shaevizla just had another outing today 🙂 It went over well enough with a room full of boys (pointed out the Mando lego figure on a poster which helped seal the idea).

But I now am ready to face the next pase: lights and sound. Though my experiences at one Jaycar was on the point of calling to complain about harassment, the New Market folk were all kinds of cool about my Star Wars prop geekery so I’ll be heading there for wire, connectors and anything else needed 🙂

I have several sets of led Xmas tree lights to pull apart for lights, battery packs and resistors. These are going in the jetpack vents, jet pack sides and belt and ear buds first. I will have to cast the arm displays again and embed the lights (oy) which means a spot of careful layering of resin in to the molds and even more careful soldering of joints!

So I will have to cobble a workstation with little alligator clips and such.

Excited about this though 🙂

Will also get that under arm display sorted too. Possibly pullling apart a few small photoframes. I may be making a frame from card to build over with resin. I need more anyway for the greave and thighs. Yes once the greave as cast I’ll be building the things too. Just purchase the best tool ever for sculpting with 🙂 a 15cm metal rule. Yep. I have a 50cm and a 30cm and they are amazing but the 15cm is easy to use and shaves so well. Just been tricky to find 🙂

Oh and I got my airbrush working again 🙂 With a can of air 🙂 For the one off rush project I needed it for (some weathering) I don’t mind paying per can but I will need a portable compressor soon 🙂 The next project to use it is to redo the spray of Shaak Ti’s lekku and Montral. The brown is a bit too brown and being acrylic ink come off with a baby wipe or any alcohol rich cleaner. My plan is for the same urethan paint the bold black markings are from 🙂 That stuff cleans up well if you make a mistake (peels off) which made me worry about long term, but the cure time is closer to a day for full stickability 🙂 If I airbrush with a really thinned product it should be only a day of leaving it all alone 🙂

I have a swtor post to make as soon as I transfer my screencaps to this computor. I am in love with my current armour. The helmet and colour scheme make me think of Leia whenever I grab a speeder 😉 Endor Leia! Without the poncho! Sigh. Yes I want to make that set of armour. It’s a few random bits so I’ll have to check out my character profile.

Shaak Ti and Queen Amidala by Matt & Kristy on Flickr.

Adorable Juliet as Amidala and myself as the jolly red giant 😉

Only pruchased parts were the boots and I altered the top (cut shoulders and overdyed)

Still have so much I want to fix of course. This set of montral and lekku will eventually be another Togruta and my next set will be my permanent ones 🙂


‘Star Wars Day’ at Sylvia Park shopping mall, Auckland, New Zealand.

yay! Great day 🙂 Though by the tme of the group photo I was feeling the effects of wearing somehting like 14m of fabric, 3kg of foam and latex and bodypaint and contact lenses…

I had a moment of panic in the loos. I had my tiny wee bottle from Reel Creations of developer but couldn’t find my spray bottle of IA. Turns out though you can paint a face and chest with about 10ml of developer, pretty darned cost effective 🙂

Other improvements from SCCP:

Leather panel! I only managed to get the dyes on Friday afternoon and got it all painted that evening as well as polished. The polish covers a multitude of sins. the dye seeps and soaks at different rates on the skin and in the cuts. So yeah.

Brown shading on all the white. The lekku got a dusting with an airbrush (I will be removing and replacing with a duller brown) to shade and knock back the white. If anyone doubts there is that much brown I point to the test check GL approved 😉 One side used brown and black the other just black- she looked very sithy 😉

I did the same to shade around my eyes. A lovely dark maroon and a touch of black. I will avoid my eye area with the paint next time and use water and shadow then a spray of liquiset. The paint holds powder well when airbrushed but is slick when brushed/sponged.

The bald cap is glued to just above my eyebrows, this means there is little risk of the headpiece pulling the bald cap off. It does mean I need to pin the bald cap to a bun to keep the weight of the headpiece pushing forward to create a wrinkle. It did a little but that is because you can’t glue the cap to hair. Although I am thinking of a way to use hair gel for that.

Scarf. A nifty fabric tea dyed and lined with cotton. I am going to deline it and use something with more body.

Better socks in my boots! I felt like I was going to fall over at SCCP as the boots are a little big in place. Cheap tube socks FTW!

Non-improvements: I can’t find my necklace!