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Very Victorian wishes

I started lookig through my historic folders again and I think I have a start, a list of costumes that will see me through the next few years.

The photo of me in my Elsa wig shows how very baby faced I can still be so it seems appropriate to try and ultilise that a bit more. I was a bit puffy from the infusion yesterday, only a few grams of the anibodies but in a full litre of saline. I managed to… well de puff from all that excess water but want to read up on standard means.

I recently wore my Lucy dress and looked like a fairtail character enough little girls were pulling their parents to me but were ignored (the parents were interested in what they were fans of.

So the current must does are:

Elsa, Maleficent wings, Worth Sunburst Gown, taffeta manteu (or adaptable bustle a la Arnold), fluffy lace and cotton net something… Tissot-esque?

Also I fell in love with a bodice style that sort of influenced the Lucy dress. I can’t find my illustration but it is from the very start of the straight fronted corset era- before the tilt forward, and more of a push up. So a long torso with long tapered waist.

Anyway, i have a few examples saved from auction sites 🙂 Once Elsa has been made as a base I can start hunting for files in the great receces of my historic folder. It’s more frightening than the Pop culture one as I saved pages as complete to have a record of where they came from. Very very very much concerned with credit on serious research that has implications for our wider understanding of costume as dress/fashion/industry.

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Lucy dress!

Yes, my Lilac dress that has been on hold for almost as long as Mina and my Elissa gown.


The lace had to be applied by hand and then machine so it was a bit of a time sink.
Kind of nice having so many old projects at this actually really finishable stage!

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Real and new content! I promise!

Finally got the lace all applied to my silk for my Lucy dress. Yes, it has been ongoing for years. I mean yeeeeeeears.

sm_DSC_0065 sm_DSC_0059 sm_DSC_0062

sm_DSC_0069 sm_DSC_0068 sm_DSC_0067 sm_DSC_0066

Twice hand sewn (loosely) then machine stitched with straight stitch then zig zagged. Same effect on the sleeve wrists and on the bodice.

I also got my togruta mold in the sun, it was raining this morning and now, boom! Sun! So the molds are heating nicely right through which should mean I can pry the molds apart when I expected to….

I also used the last of my latex to splash in my turian and asari molds 🙂 I’m casting the Samara eyebrow piece again 🙂 But I have so very little left that I need to save it for any repairs. I also did some repairs 🙂 So I now have three full Turian pieces to find new hones for (scalp, jaw, mandibles, and face makes five pieces each, it’s a fair bit of latex!)

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