doing! A bit.

Spoon theory is very useful, but only if you understand the concept of a spoon/energy deficit.

Much like taking out a monetary loan, it can impact your security for years to come.

And I have genuinely, reached my limit of being able to borrow even a day ahead.

In the past I have been able to make calculations based on experience to invest in a few days then recovering for weeks or months after.

But I can’t do that, and haven’t been able to for some time.


I think because fibromyalgia does not have the same deep history that Rheumatoid Arthritis has. Pain with an unknown source or therapy drains all your resources that could be divided between known therapy and what you need to do. This guesswork take so much time and energy. And bad advice (as most advice now appears to be) not only doesn’t help in the moment, but now looks like it can cause damage that is irreversible.

My hope is that now that there is finally a good body of evidence for it to be inflammatory and immune driven that we can start to use fairly simple, cheap, very well known therapies.

I suspected fibro was inflammatory and immune driven when I could use high heat on my spine like I do for RA flares.

It is a real relief to have a cheap, reusable kind of therapy (hot water bottle.) It is however temporary. So I need a good 20 mins of direct heat two or three times a day.

I have to carefully tread safety vs therapeutic levels as I need high enough heat to numb tissue to the muscle/joint.

But it is something.

But today I have overlocked the seam allowances of a Victorian style bodice. That is 12 pieces. It is A Lot but the structure allows for really nifty illusion, then extreme fitting in seams that are less obvious.

And all of this is inspired by trying to make my Waterfall Pleat guide more useful. I would up grabbing inspiration images of styles I’m not personally a fan of, but really do help understand how these things work.

It’s now time to rest and apply that high heat to my lower spine. It’s shifted from upper back to lower spine and I’m not sure why. Whatever it is, I will do better by resting now.

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