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Very excited to say I think I have managed to start a real honest to goodness guide to waterfall pleats. My very old guide has been pinned and repinned and I no longer have track of who is using what from what platform. Even my updated guide needs rewriting in light of some recent file sorting.

I really want to make some kind of plug in measurement app as I think it really is that easy, but so far I’ve made some ready to print line guides that I’ll be testing with my pen and touchscreen.

It does look like each costume house for each production of Phantom of the Opera has a single template that is then altered. This is great, it means a single pattern will work for three or more costumes within that production.

I am though very sore and very tired, it doesn’t detract from my excitement, but it does mean I need to rebuild my tolerance for a while.

My entire Modular Frock system needs integrating as a lot of it even works for vintage clothing.


Rest, recovery, then back to it.

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