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“Over complicating costuming since forever ago?” Yeah. That’s not hyperbole. I am currently stalled on updating my waterfall pleat guide because I wound up trying to find any, every, image of a specific iteration. One of the Dutch Second Managers, aka Wishing gown. It’s really an amazing example as it takes everything that I know from extant gowns and uses it.

But in doing so I’ve sorted my folders and so far it does look like my principle works. My basic pattern works really well as it is for US style Second Manager’s versions, and my guide itself works really well full stop if the text is followed.

So what I’m trying to do is make it easier to get to that point.

Something that I can’t really do is help predict exactly how much fabric physics and trim work. I can give alerts to what to expect but that goes way back to Alcega, so that’s something I’m trying to include. Folding heavy fabric affects measurements.

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