gentle doing

I was pretty prepared for most of this pandemic and how I need to adapt but I really have wound up spending so much time trying to stay up to date and managing my response that I just have so very little progress on anything.

So yesterday I started to transfer make up into little pots so I can create little go boxes for if and when it’s time to be out and about more often.

TBF this is something I may not be able to do.

In theory I can do videos but then again they take so much effort solo (I do nearly everything solo) that I haven’t done any. I might see if I can set up in my studio to do any kind of recording.

I’m reworking a number of my Northrhine gear to be nice and vibrant like the original paintings, so am low temp enameling some pieces.

After a few years of internal struggling of what my laurel means, I realised I should separate the leaves from my NRW collection of pieces and create a separate item. This is in keeping with how members of different orders in Cologne wear their collars- very widely over the shoulders- so I’m satisfied with that approach.

Off to the baking paper I think.

And find scraps of fabric to make face covering.

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