kindness in a pandemic

This has been the public message here. It is genuinely life saving, it’s not simply feelgood.

Immune compromised people are pro-actively protecting ourselves all the time.

Do you know who we are most likely to be infected by?

Someone who loves us.

Someone who cares for us.

Someone in home to help us.

This means a very complicated relationship with how I regard people I love and respect and trust. Ultimately compassion to and by me helps me get through a health issue with my best chance.

The kind of tracking of symptoms, and travel, people are being asked to do now is what I have to do all the time, and it frankly is difficult. We have been told for most of our lives that this is hypochondria, by family, friends, media, fiction, social media, and medicine.

And yes, even more so to people like me, and yes from medicine. We tend to underplay our experiences so as to not wind up being dismissed as attention seeking.

So that takes practice by everyone.

So yes, kindness will mean someone will come forward for testing who might be scared otherwise, who could then save my life. And so could save the life of someone I love.

To quote Chidi: “Simply put, we are not in this alone.”

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