making- sort of

Of all things, all my glorious over-ambitious projects left waiting…- I am trying to get my linen items for my Cleves wardrobe.

It’s still high stakes, just not as high stakes as say… cutting my cloth of gold. Or using maths to work out how much more lace I need to buy for my Marie Antoinette dress (I used a lot of circles and scale…)

But it meant that at midnight I decided I needed to find the ruffs and two partlets already made. So… I found them, but it was midnight. So hooray for that.

I have in the past made two very sheer linen ruffs, with hems of maybe at most 2mm, and both very full indeed. And both have disappeared. So I’m not keen on investing that amount of hand work into something unless I can sew my neam into the very fabric of it.

Anyway. I now have all my linen in the lounge, and started a catalogue of items. The idea of having a full wardrobe is definitely behind this. I have hats, but not enough veils, I have gowns, but not enough sleeves.

So. Yay? No, yes, yay. It’s been a year of barely relenting health stuff out of my control, so it’s a good thing to feel the wish to work on fairly mundane items.

But I also have a shopping list for socks and singlets in the real world anyway.

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