Ahsoka did progress

It just is much like the lightsaber hilt progress: it looks the same as the last time….

So after posting yesterday I managed to paint a little more latex on the lekku this time right side up and as expected the extra internal latex did help a lot with montral support.

i initially bought a random length of what looked like a very skinny pool noodle to support my Shaak To montral (inside the upper section of the back montral that tends to collapse into a side ways 0 rather than a nice round shape.)

So I wanted some for ahsoka and actually asked someone at the hardware store and lo and behold, it has a name!

PEF foam backer rod (or gap filler rod also brings up some results.)

I use 25mm as it’s rigid but very light, and is carvable into points.

This is what it looks like. There are lots of products out there, this is from IndiaMart. I think mine is Sika brand as the roll is yellow. Also if anyone needs a small amount I have far more than enough so.. happy to send some.

So that is today’s plans. Get the backer rod into the montral to help the points stay vertical not fall outwards. And I need to get some elastic across the front of the headpiece so if can sit nicely on my head- it tends to bow out at side of my own forehead. That may be a job for internal rigging too. That will be a job for internal rigging.

I need to find some charcoal grey matte stretch fabric though. I really wanted to use the same fabric as my Padme dress. I might just see if I can remove colour because if I can I can overdye. I think it’s rayon. But there is Nick’s fabric and the other store next to it to try and find some reasonably priced sports fabrics.

I do have perfect sports fabric, it’s got a surface texture that matches the show but it is straight up black and I don’t see me being able to reduce the colour evenly. Though this could work with a light acrylic wash and airbrush… But that might just make it look painted.


So today, rig the montral and dry the armour. I finally got the ankles to form on the slightly scaled leg. I can also now cut the front piece and form that too. That is going to see some creative problem solving. The mannequin has sculpted knees. So I may have to form the leather over the elbows. Oh! Actually. I have a lamp that I don’t trust that is the perfect shape. So… let’s see if it is perfect.



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