ahsoka progress maybe

Well the fabric didn’t dye. But I have tested that pattern so many times now I know it works.

The leatherwork took a huge step forward though 🙂 Got the bracers, hand plates, hip pieces, narrow belt soaked and heated again. So I will be able to paint this week. The test scrap looks amazing. I know Fiebings is good but I’ve only really used the dyes and resolene before. The paint sets like woah, so you have to work really fast. But gosh. Really flexible.

And I finally got the last of the ankle shaping done for the greaves 🙂 So I can get the front panel sorted soon as well.

Still really bummed that the tunic failed again. Charcoal grey is incredibly difficult to get- and to dye even more.

But I’ve had some physio on my rib (well muscles from the hip to rib and spine to rib) and so want to at least try and get some more latex on the montral.

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