social media ettiquette

“I didn’t see, I have too many people I follow.”

(edited an hour-ish.. 2 hours later because I used the inclusive “you” when on social media that looks terrible!)

It just then means you we need to do a bit of work to catch up. It’s just that simple. If you we don’t, if you we just type without thinking you we are telling them you we can’t be bothered finding out what they feel/know.

If you we don’t have that time? Then ask, don’t assume.

If my friend posts something out of the blue, and I realise that I have missed a lot of what they have posted I go back catch up.I don’t ask them to repeat what they said, because it is not on them it is on me- regardless of whether social media filters things out of our lives. We know this happens. We know it happens.

I am also not going to tell my friends they are just part of the noise of social media. They are friends, they deserve better than that.

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