Social etiquette-2

Part ii- I cross post where I can so no one has to leave a site they are comfortable with. I even have allowed comments again, just no users on my blog. However that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to just “share” For example, livejournal app for android:

Okay. So basically it winds up with the tiniest snippet of an entry possible. So that means the most important part of any post is going to be the subject, and first line.

My facebook crossposted posts start with the first line and usually uses the last photo I share as the preview.

Twitter sometimes shares the preview image sometimes only the subject.

Tumblr will share everything except the images.

LJ crossposts everything pretty well to the browser version, though occasionally will misread an image command (so thumbnails are totally mixed up though the link to the file works…)

So it’s not easy, but I know I can’t exactly complain if I haven’t tried everything I can myself 🙂 I’ll keep trying.

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