So very tired, it’s definitely a fatigue thing, and I have not had my regular blood tests to see if there is an answer there. Unfortunately funding has been cut so I can’t keep track of my B12 and iron storage like I should- given my history these crash very quickly and with not a lot of warning- so I’m trying to see if just popping some iron pills again will help.

Iron injections and infusions are not an option, so I really hope these pills kick in in a short while.

Infusions are out as my disease is impacted by iron so I have to control it fairly closely. Injections were a nightmare and left me scarred and with massive hip pain. So I do at least know that infusions would be off the cards even if my DHB covered them!

So yes, currently trying to sleep when I know I need it, and get the iron in (my pills are now at my computer so I have no excuse.)

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