Memories and mana

I’ve been a bit.. confronted by the reality of memory this year. And in part I’ve been confronted by how much I have lost of my …17 years online or so- at least publicly. It’s been a bit of my own fault a bit of self preservation and a few times down to deliberate intent- website attack is the one of real concern.

It’s just really frustrating to have lost these long trailing paths I have taken in my journey as a costumer and it’s such a daunting task to re-establish.

It feels like I am back at the very beginning rather than at the stage I really am of sitting back and being able to just let my work speak for itself. It can’t. Not because of the work, but the loss of the electronic trail.

So I am spurred to get those Girls Own articles published, as well as my own dress diaries- remember when those were a big thing? I miss that. But it was really a solution to old school html rather than modern CMS. And I have now got a reappreciation of hand coding and how fast and stable those pages were!

But also I have just been going through my very early costume reference collection and have found some now out of print images. So I am going to start scanning some of those. They are seriously cool 🙂

Exactly where they will go? Not sure!

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