Just a few more specifics :)

The super important thing, for me, about how Masterchef Australia does things has everything to do with letting people feel pride in doing well.

My passion is in costuming, and all too often when people express pride it is seem as a negative. So let me use this show to express in broader terms why it is so important to feel free to celebrate your successes!

  1. Being able to say I Did This Thing Well does not imply that no one else can Do The Thing Well. Or in fact that you are the best at Doing The Thing. It means you can do the thing well.
  2. Doing The Thing Well means you can appreciate when other people Do The Thing Well and so you can express to them that they did the thing well.
  3.  Being able to say you did the thing well doesn’t mean you think that all the things you do you do well. It is just this one thing. But that has value.
  4. Saying you did well and why and how is super important for other people to learn from! Yes we know by now we learn from our mistakes but we really learn from or successes. We just need the tools to do so.

So I hope that clears thing up? I have been put down for feeling good about what I do, and that sucks. It is especially true in costuming, but why? Why is there this perception that being able to self critique and assess and come to the conclusion that you do well is so bad?

I can look at all my work and critique it. And I can say when I did it well and when I didn’t.


But that freedom to express when you did well is hard earned and is a very useful skill in helping others.


So you go! Be joyful when you do things well. I tend to self mock with references to Bart Simpson banging a pan. But that is a good feeling. To feel that satisfaction of a difficult job well done.


Also, I do niche stuff. I know most people will not understand why using three rows of gathering stitches to ease a sleeve head makes for an insanely good shape. But I do like knowing there are people who do appreciate it and value that extra step and we can share that moment when things went well through our efforts.

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