Die Mode- before I had the internet!

I started my costuming journey a very long time ago, and I was super lucky to be able to use University of Auckland’s General Library to look at every single plate in Die Mode by Max Ulrich von Boehn. These are seriously good books and are worth finding in person. However some have been scanned so you can at least use them to go look for the sources!

Die Mode; Menschen und Moden im achtzehnten Jahrhundert.
by Boehn, Max von, 1860-1932; Fischel, Oskar, 1870-1939 (thanks to Leigh for finding this)

Die Mode 1790 to 1817
by Max von Boehn, Published 1905

Die Mode: Menschen und Moden im neunzehnten Jahrhundert nach Bildern und Kupfern der Zeit
by Max von Boehn, Oskar Fischel Published 1907 (tnaks to Leigh, sadly the images are stripped out but the text is all there.)

Die Mode 1843-1878
by Max von Boehn, Published 1910

Die Mode 18781914
by Max von Boehn, Published 1919

The books cover the middle ages to 1914, but many of these volumes are not available. I intend on going back to the library to look at the earlier volumes, as I know I found my love of Cranach there. Too many years ago to think about! But they struck me as being truly fantastical and magical.

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