So it took a year

It took a year to recover enough to actually play catch up this year. I have my studio set up to work with or without electricity, I have all my projects and fabrics and projects I need to pass on all readily assessable so I can actually get them photographed and passed on.

Today I am transfering patterns. Because I have a lovely new fabric sewing desk cover I have to be careful but it is working.

So far I have trasnfered:
Maria Hill- well some boot details and making sure the transfer was complete from last time
Mina- bodice lining- my new shoulder length adaptable bodice pattern!
Elsa- bodice template- the super adaptable super easy fitting pattern that I even used for above. Double princess seams ????
Glinda/Cinderella- bodice pattern- well I refolded and gave it a label ????
Padme Family gown- transfered the baking paper pattern. Took so long! But I enjoyed patterning it so I want to keep that at least.
Mystique- Boot covers- because they have no CF seam and are made to fit over a heeled boot. I ruined the actual covers.

Next up is to work out what Maleficent patterns need to be transfered and what can stay. I’d like to get them totally on to a single sheet for storage. I have no more fabric to make another.

But I have my Ventress, Nite Owl, Ahsoka patterns also to tidy, and then a few fabric ones.

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