time lady please

Time Lady please, some of us can afford the upgrade.
Time Lady please, some of us can afford the upgrade.
Yes. Missy is finally happening! Getting my workroom ready so I could dye the wool has been a big deal. Ditto getting my patterns off random paper and on to folded sheets. They now all fit in a shopping basket rather than a 60L container!
Finally finished my wig head, I used a polystyrene form, it looks like I just made it bigger but I also carved excess from the temple region as these forms are too wide but too small. Also new sewing desk cover! I did manage to iron some fabric too. So I
But I had to make a wig head as the wig needs to have a smooth french roll at the back which means it has to fit perfectly. As you can see the foam head I have is reasonable as it is but it is too short and what you can’t see is that I had to shave the temples back. I used classic wig form making techniques, even did my hair in pin curls (ugh!) but the tape makes them actually sit flat and so make a reasonably accurate copy.
Not quite as pretty as i'd like but I now have everything on the walls and off the floor. Two trundlers, one will be for hardware, the other for sewing ut right now they are a bit mixed. From the other direction. Moulds galore along the bottom shelves :)
And here is my woom 🙂 Uncut projects in rolls on the skinny shelves, cut projects in the baskets. On the wall you can’t see are all my fabrics in boxes, and in the far corner in the plastic sheves are my projects to pass on.

Spot the huge wooden frame legs 😉 The rest of the embroidery frame is inbolted and on the floor under the shelves.
Oh yeah, those are hardcore shelves. But a simple slot assembly so they sit on the concrete blocks that jut out fromt he wall on that side

Photography corner is in thw corner you can’t see, it’s got the least interference of light from the windoes or door..

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