I am an idiot

But without the blue box…

I just reorganised my studio again despite the news I have to go on Leflunamide on top of my infusions and with an added side dose of predinisone.

I know why I am. I know why I did it. I was partly inspired by sewing books and pretty organisation and I also really want to get everything where I can access it all easily, but I also am trying really hard to do something "different" because if I stop and think I cry over Mr Boo.

However tonight was a step too far.

I am also trying to make space for the MA panniers. Ahahahahahahaha.. okay so I don't know exactly what they looked like but I have been trawling the web for any MGM wardrobe achival photos:

So the skirts are well lined with firm facings and there is at least a multi-tiered ruffle action.

BTW yes, I have seen the restoration of the skirt, http://www.udel.edu/udaily/2012/sep/mgm-gown-restored-090611.html

ANd I'd like to use this to point out extreme pointed front of waist slightly dropped side waist and epic skirt width 😉 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:La_Dame_du_Palais_de_la_Reine_by_P.A._Martini_after_Jean-Michel_Moreau_le_Jeune.jpg


Funnily enough even the bodice fitting, while the darts were not accurate, they also are not typical 1930s shaping. So it's been fun to try and work out where they were coming from. It's a fun project for finding where everything came from and putting it all together. I mean I really really really really would love to still make a copy of Sophia Magdelena's gown, but frankly it has the dropped waist, the super wide hoops, wide off the shoulder neckline- but it is super boned and has boxy hoops. So, not entirely good for my ribs nor flattering 😉


So yay!

ALso I bought a truckload of fabric- I hope it arrives and looks as good as it does in the photos. I actually want the stuff that's about $NZ45 per yard, not even per meter but hey, we can't always get what we want 🙂

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