by michaela de bruce, August 21, 2014

My Dremel sanding tool works well even with the cheat sanding rings. It’s the squishiness of the tool tip itself, grippy! And that is great as there is no pressure!

I am however still on the “no idea when I’ll break” line as in hello keyboard, meet face. My spine, yeah it’s a C so what?

Anyway, to bed, and I have an appointment to see the Rheumatology dept of the hospital. It was going to be next week. At 9am. On the North Shore. I may have sounded as hesitant as I felt because I got one at Waitakere instead 🙂 Later in the month but at least I’m in the system 🙂

No idea if there is anything to be done re- the RA. Yep, the infusion may be tapering off but we’ll wait until you are showing signs before infusing again. Because it’s dangerous stuff and limited and expensive. So I get that. 🙂 Not a complaint just this is a ride I have been on a long time.

Still no word on the endo. That said, I don’t know whether to discuss anxiety. The reason being I have had moments of high anxiety. But it leads to a very different response. Being mildy claustrophobic I have indeed genuinely experienced panic cycles that take a lot to climb down from. But it really is a very different series of symptoms. Very different.

It feels like the world suddenly becomes way too busy so I shut down extremities and get tunnel vision. And the wobbling and inability to see the ground. Oh! If you do not have astigmatism or need reading glasses, it’s like wearing these when you don’t need them. I used to try on my mum’s glasses and that disconnect between what you think you can see and what your body feels is pretty much what it’s like.


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