by admin, July 28, 2014

My super soft crepe for the Hindi Satine costume has done stunt duty for the tabbard pattern. If I were able to dye this a lovely rich black I’d just go and use this for the actual lining. sadly there is not enough to do so even if it were cost effective.


It is both easy and not easy. I really wanted that accordion effect down the side and to direct the majority of the folds to the front. I am really happy with the front but the back really needs some work. It needs to be shaped differently to allow for the cloak to fit smoothly over the top. Sigh. But I will be able to grab the pattern of this before I start to  try to work on that. But at this stage, yes it looks like about 11 yards of fabric is needed. Full width fore fronts and backs (6m) and then about 2 yards each side for the back panels that turn in to the cloak. Maybe more as there is a strange gore CB that may hide a good fold of fabric.

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