Wings, or rather ZOMGWINGZ

Wings, or rather ZOMGWINGZ

Because I think I have worked it out. Flexible relatively light and I hopefully can make them fit my suitcase in pieces.

So I’ve requested some more urethane (squee!) and will test what I have already.


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  1. Dare / 26 Jun 2014 9:27am #I found your site when trying to get better pics of the christening gown and it’s so exciting to see your progress. Especially bc my motto is similar to yours except it’s “overcomplicating costuming for 10 months and then half assing and last minuting the other 2″. As a former lover of costumes with wings (I don’t have the time to make them anymore) I’m excited to see how you made a “light” urethane wing and am looking forward to that post! I think I’d read in another costume post that you’d been to Dragon Con. Are you doing Maleficent there this year? I’d love to see it in person.

    Was the fabric you’re using already textured like that or did you wrinkle it?


    • admin / 2 Jul 2014 6:54am #Hello 🙂 The fabric was already wrinkled. I’m in the process of acquiring more, there are only remnants of it left!

      I haven’t made the wings yet and have two options, still debating between them!
      I’d love to go to D*C this year, my one and only trip was 2012 and I don’t think the luck that played in to that will happen again. So much help from friends and family 🙂 ANd Celebration 6 was the weekend before that made it oh so tempting 🙂

      And thank you 🙂


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