Many new links to exhibition/behind the scenes

Many new links to exhibition/behind the scenes

Lots and lots of info suddenly coming out, how wonderful!

And I am not sure if the wings are made for the exhibition but I shall work out how they were made (one set was for young Maleficent) as they had to have worked out how to fake feathers too :)

Hmmm they totally removed the train, I mean totally, which pulls the skirt round the back. But it confirms the sleeve weirdness: the hem is oversewn, overlocked or what but it’s not a turned hem- there is some major fuzzy happening along the edge. Also there are notches on the sleeves. Inside and out.And I was right, platforms ;) Just with narrow heels.

Real python is not for me but I can see some hand painting on the silk that peeks out he velvet gown. And the collar and spine details are lovely. And the duo tone velvet (green and maroon.)

Click to see details of the heavy robe and umm.. suede???

OMG I CAN MAKE MY WINGS!!!!! And thre is at least a better view of the battle gear.

And that collar… guh. I have access to shells cut like that so whee!!!!

Her fine silk innocence gown.

Head wraps and samples.

A few photos

And more details of a good size 🙂 I’m guessing there will be an art book!


And one from a friend who reminded me of a few links (lost links are lost so here they are!;

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