And more!

And more!

Ah yes, The blue dress for Aurora is straight from Waterhouse’s Ophelia 😉 Check out the sketch!,manual#!YjlWe

And more wing references, lots of over lap of these sources.

So it looks like there is a costume display in three countries right now London (England), California (USA) and Madrid (Spain).

Another double up

Some info overlap of images.

Interview with director

Interview with “Diaval’s actor.

Last costume was the most anticipated for the designer 🙂 And yeah I spotted so much gorgeous metal work and sigh I can’t wait to see the full thing properly.

Baker created cheeks, a nose and ear appliances for Jolie that were silicone and gel-filled. Maleficent’s cheeks look sharply prominent in the film, but the appliances are actually very small. Baker explains, “It’s amazing because the appliances are less than a quarter of an inch at their thickest points and only about a half inch wide. They sit right at the crest of her cheekbones.”

Special makeup effects artist Arjen Tuiten was on set daily to transfer Baker’s designs to Angelina Jolie. “It was important to Rick [Baker] that all Angelina’s prosthetics conform to the angles of her face,” says Tuiten. “From the life cast of her head, we formed the rubber cheekbones and ears, following those contours. The whole application process, including hair weaves, which took about a half-hour, was about four hours every morning. Angelina was very patient with the process.”

Turning his attention to the horns, Baker faced several challenges. “The horns were one of the big issues because no one would want to walk around all day with big horns on his or her head,” relates Baker. “So, I wanted to make them as lightweight as possible and removable because when you have something that sticks out a foot beyond your head and you’re not used to it, you’re apt to run into things.”

Baker and his team sculpted at least four different designs of horns. “I did some drawings and modeled some of the designs for the horns on the computer,” says Baker. “Then we actually ended up sculpting them. We chose the one that we liked the best and did all the work using that one design.”

For comfort, the horns are very lightweight and thin, and made of urethane casting resin. “After much experimentation, we ended up basically with a maxi-form skullcap that had on it the base of the horns and the first inch or so of the horns,” explains Baker. ‘The rest of the horns stuck on with a magnet. They were very strong magnets that held them in place but we could then pop them off in between shots.”

Goodwin’s most challenging designs for the film involved the battles scene. “From early on, I had an idea for a helmet and footwear for her battle scene, which had to be hard, formidable yet elegant. The helmet’s sculpted shape is covered in leather that looks reptilian and this detail was continued onto the boots, which had customized bone-like heels. Together, these pieces were my most challenging as well as being my favorites.”
OMG! good costumer directed details!!!!

Also Aurora’s gown and other details.

OOOOHHH! You can see her battle costume in the video as it shows the wire frame and maquette colours 🙂

The base horns, though many were made.


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