Horn sculpt is done! Woot!

Well done enough. It’s a case where if I keep going I’ll probably undo the good stuff and then need to redo all over again.

I thought I had two cartridges of silicone but I don’t Shoot. I need at least three more. So no more work on them for a while.

sm_DSC_2894 sm_DSC_2893

sm_DSC_2892 sm_DSC_2891

And reverse progress:

One horn done!




I actually had to undo the previous texture and shave both horns back to get a narrower front and more blade like through the cut through view at the base. Here you can see the horn on the right is smaller than on the left which is the one I textured first.



The only way to safely shape these were to lay them on my chair and even them up with the filleting knife. Yes. This is why I can’t have nice things because that chair is covered in lumps of resin and latex. And now clay.

sm_DSC_2887 sm_DSC_2886


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